Campaign Underway: A Star For Amy

A spirited campaign has been launched to secure Amy Winehouse a STAR on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

You will recall that the video for “Tears Dry On Their Own” featured Amy strolling the world famous walkway.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce should be respectfully and politely encouraged to timely induct Amy Jade Winehouse into the exclusive and prestigious group of STARS that have been honored with their own STAR on the hallowed walk. September 14, 2012 sounds like a good day for a ceremony, but sooner would be even better.

Securing a STAR for Amy will not be easy. It will require a major effort by her fans. Here are just a few of the things YOU can do to further the campaign.

* Contact YOUR local radio stations and let them know that a major campaign is underway to honor Amy with a STAR.

* Contact ALL of the bloggers you know and ask them to blog about the campaign.

* FAX and/or Email the major news-services and news-outlets to make them aware of the campaign.

* Tell your friends about the project AND ask them for their support.

* Contact Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan, and Anderson Cooper. Tell them about your interest in the project and ask for their advice on how to best get the job done.

DO NOT harass the Holywood Chamber or its Walkway Committee. They are well aware of the campaign and they NOW simply want to see a grassroots effort supporting Amy’s induction. YOU will be the deciding factor in the Chamber’s decision; lobbying efforts will NOT move the Walkway Committee. They want to see broad support in YOUR country, state, city, town.

The primary impediment to an early induction appears to be the “Five-Year Rule” that governs posthumous selections. The Committee can waive that Rule, but they are not likely to do so unless they see a groundswell of grassroots support.

Let’s get this done and let’s be respectful and polite in the process. Please begin your efforts NOW. Thanks!



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