Amy Merits A STAR On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

To those of us who loved her and were touched by her life and art, Amy Jade Winehouse will always be immortal. Now, by kismet, Amy might be given the opportunity to be immortal in the ultimate show business sense: Via induction into the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame, where she would be forever honored with her own pink-terrazzo star, bearing her name in brass, above a symbolic brass phonograph record.

Such honors do not come easy; aggressive lobbying efforts and internet PR-campaigns won’t take the day in the quest for this top-tier honor. The Walk of Fame Committee of the Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce will make its decision in the matter based on their perception of Amy’s merit to receive the honor. Simply put, the Committee will look at the objective evidence and make a subjective decision.

The following is a brief review of the objective record.

Amy’s connection to the Walkway was rendered iconoclastic by her heart-wrenching stroll, filmed for the video of Tears Dry On Their Own. Millions of viewers across the planet received a strong and repetitious view and feel of the Walkway; such impressions have great value in reinforcing the “forever nature” of the historic location.

Awards: The Nominations And The Wins

The Wins


Ivor Novello Award – Best Contemporary Song Musically & Lyrically


BRIT Award – Best Female Solo Artist

Elle Style Award – Best British Music Act

Ivor Novello Award – Best Contemporary Song

MOBO Award – Best UK Female Artist

MOJO Award – Song Of The Year

MTV Europe Music Award – Artist’s Choice

Popjustice £20 Music Prize – Best British Pop Single

Q Award – Best Album

Vodafone Live Music Award – Best Female Artist


Grammy Award – Best New Artist

Grammy Award – Best Pop Vocal Album

Grammy Award – Record Of The Year

Grammy Award – Song Of The Year

Grammy Award – Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

Ivor Novello Award – Best Song Musically & Lyrically

Meteor Music Award – Best International Female Artist

Urban Music Award – Best Neo-Soul Act

World Music Award – Best Selling Pop/Rock Female Artist


Echo Music Awards – Best International Female Artist – Rock/Pop

Echo Music Awards – Album Of The Year

A review of the potential subjective elements of the decision.

Sadly, during a portion of Amy’s career, she had the misfortune of contracting an insidious disease that interfered with her ability to always perfectly meet the highest standards of professional performance that she aspired to. Fairplay demands that the good-faith contemplation of Amy’s qualifications to receive the subject high honor must completely set aside all negative impacts that Amy’s illness visited upon her.

If Amy had acquired a traditional disease, this argument would be unnecessary. Modernity would preclude, for instance, a negative consideration of an artist having contracted cancer or heart disease. Because the affliction known as “addiction” is often falsely categorized as being self-inflicted and self-remediable, it retains a stigma that the Committee must not allow to unfairly influence its decision; to allow otherwise would be archaic.

By all reliable accounts, before her untimely death, Amy was making every possible effort to rebuild her health, her personal life, and her professional career. Discounting such efforts and intentions would not well serve the entertainment industry, its current and future matriculates, or its fans.

Despite Amy’s illness, her charitable and philanthropic penchant always remained strong. The Amy Winehouse Foundation will now continue that tradition.

Those of us who loved her, hope that the Walk of Fame Committee will timely approve an administrative waiver to the Rule governing posthumous induction, and that such waiver can be constructed to facilitate an accelerated decision to bestow upon Amy Jade Winehouse this most prestigious hallmark of lifetime achievement.

When Amy was 13-years old, she penned a letter to the headmistress at her performing arts school. That letter was preserved and reads:

I want to go somewhere where I’m stretched right to my limits, and perhaps beyond to singing lessons without being told to shut up. But mostly I have this dream to be very famous. To work on stage. It’s my life long ambition. I want people to hear my voice and just forget their troubles for five minutes. I want to be remembered for being an actress, a singer, for sell out concerts, sell out West-end and Broadway shows, and for being just…me.

Hopefully, the Walk of Fame Committee will now deliver another chapter in Amy’s dream.


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