New On Facebook: Amy Jade Winehouse Page Directory

A new Amy Jade Winehouse Page Directory has now gone live on facebook.

The directory contains links to AJW pages on numerous general-audience venues. Facebook fan pages, forums, blogs, websites, photo/art/video sites are all welcome to have their links included.

Pages from all nations – published in all languages – are invited to include their links in the directory.

Page admins and users can submit their links on the page’s “Directory Thread.” The directory will be updated, as new links are submitted.

Some linked pages are more active and developed than others; all are respectfully presented. Users can bookmark the directory and have fast access to their favorite pages.

AJW wanted all of her friends to “live the dream.” Now, it is OUR job to “keep the dream alive.” Hopefully, a perpetual directory of “Amy Pages” will, in a tiny way, contribute to that effort.


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