Building Awareness: The Amy Winehouse Foundation

The Amy Winehouse Foundation has been established in Amy’s memory to support charitable activities in both the UK and abroad that provide help, support or care for young people; especially those who are in need by reason of ill health, disability, financial disadvantage or addiction.

Amy’s fans now have a unique opportunity to help build what could become her most important legacy; in the field of philanthropy.

The legend of Amy’s remarkable life will be with the world forever, and it is a powerful base upon which we can help to build a strong and loyal following of support for the AWF. Through the AWF, we will have a chance to help better the lives of MANY thousands of people in need. And, we will do that in the name of someone whom we all love, adore and admire.

We all wish that Amy was here to lead this effort, but we cannot forsake this critical and worthwhile task due to our own sadness. Now, in her absence, Amy’s work must truly be our own.

Here are just a few “brain dump” tips that may help us get started in our longterm task of building awareness about the AWF.


* If you have not yet “Liked” the Amy Winehouse Foundation’s FB-Page, please do so now.


* If you are not following these Twitter accounts, please do so now. They will help you stay up to date on events. Please retweet as appropriate.!/AmysFoundation!/search/mitchwinehouse


* If you have not been regularly placing links to both the AWF FB-Page and the AWF-website on YOUR OWN FB-Pages, please begin to do so now.


* If you post on any “Amy-Forums,” please consider placing a link to the AWF FB-Page and/or the AWF-website in your forum sigline.


* If you comment on any Amy blogs or youtube videos, please consider including the AWF links along with your comments.


* If you have “Liked” any “Amy Pages” on Facebook, please consider respectfully asking the owners of those pages to begin actively promoting awareness about the AWF.


* If you are the admin of an “Amy Page” on Facebook, please consider adjusting your “Featured” settings to assure that the AWF FB-Page avatar always appears in the left-hand panel of your own page. This setting adjustment is easy to make:

At the Top-Right of Your Wall Page: Click “Edit Page”

On the Left-Side Menu: Click “Featured”

Then: Click “Edit Featured Likes”

You may select up to FIVE avatars on your “Liked” list to permanently appear on the left-hand side of your FB-Wall. If you select fewer than five “featured” avatars, the “blanks” will continue to be filled by random selections from your list of “Liked” pages. These adjustments can be modified at any time. Each time a page viewer sees the AWF avatar on your page, an “awareness building impression” is created and the AWF benefits from it.


* Please consider contacting all of the “Amy Pages” in this directory to respectfully encourage their admins to begin promoting awareness of the AWF.


* If you live near a location where “Amy’s Bucket Brigade” is collecting donations for the AWF, please consider volunteering to “Shake A Bucket For Amy.” You will have a lot of fun, raise awareness about the AWF, and FEEL the love that the donors have for Amy.


* If you are an online retailer, please consider promoting one or more of your items on the Amy’s Army Now FB-Page.

Any general-audience merchandise can be offered, provided that a minimum of 25% of the gross-sale proceeds are pledged as a direct and prompt donation to the AWF.

Amy-related items would likely be great sellers, but other merchandise may do well, too. Many thousands of people view the scores of “Amy Pages” each day and a good many of the page owners will be pleased to help you promote your business in exchange for your generous support of the AWF. Even one item listed to benefit the AWF may lead to numerous crossover sales.

If there is a demand for this concept, the admins at the Amy’s Army Now Facebook Page can provide a standalone “store-page” on Facebook. Participating merchants would list their own items, collect payment for their merchandise, ship the merchandise to their buyers, and promptly fulfill the direct AWF pledge noted in their listings. Such a venue would likely be heavily promoted by many of the sundry “Amy Pages.”


* If you are a blogger or a writer of squidoo-lenses, please do some research on the internet and write something nice about the AWF. Every single extra positive story on the web about the AWF is a brick in the “awareness path” that we must build.


* As awareness builds about the AWF, please be ready to step up and do the things that must be done to make our legacy-building efforts a success.


The world’s economy is in the toilet. Many people are hurting and troubled. It seems like a tough time to embark on building a philanthropic enterprise. But, tough times are when such an effort is most needed. If the army of fans that Amy built fails to answer the call, who will?

That we currently feel a collective sense of overwhelming loss and grief – and likely will for a very long time – cannot be employed as an excuse for our inaction. When Amy was with us, she gave us everything that she could give. Now, it is our time, heart crushed though we are, to pay forward some of the joy that Amy gave us.

Together, we can help build the kind of world-class philanthropic legacy that is fitting for the likes of our JadeMermaid Princess. Let’s do it well and be honored that it is left for us to do. Let’s get started, today. Thanks!


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