Note To Facebook “Amy Page” Admins

If you are the admin of an “Amy Page” on Facebook, please adjust your “Featured” settings to assure that the Amy Winehouse Foundation FB-Page avatar always appears in the “Likes” panel of your own page. This setting adjustment is easy to make:

At the Top-Right of Your FB-Wall Page: Click “Edit Page”

On the Left-Side Menu: Click “Featured”

Then: Click “Edit Featured Likes”

You may select up to FIVE avatars on your “Liked” list to permanently appear on the “Likes” panel of your FB-Wall. If you select fewer than five “featured” avatars, the “blanks” will continue to be filled by random selections from your list of “Liked” pages. These adjustments can be easily modified at any time.

Each time a page viewer sees the AWF avatar on your page, an “awareness building impression” is created and the AWF benefits from it.

In an awareness campaign, all strides toward success are cumulative; often, the smallest efforts pay BIG dividends.

Thanks for your help!

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