“Amy Pages” Can Help Move “Amy Projects” Forward

As time passes, the basket of “Amy Projects” will become more full. These are some of the APs currently at the top of the basket.


Amy Winehouse Foundation:

The AWF is the backbone of efforts to build Amy’s philanthropic legacy. All of our work should be done with the understanding that building awareness about the AWF is our primary mission; all projects should further that mission.

AWF Facebook Page:


AWF Website:



Lioness: Hidden Treasures:

The release of LHT on December 5, 2011 is a major component in the funding of the AWF. Approximately $1.60 from each unit sold will go to the AWF. Our pumping efforts need to be spirited, to help assure that LHT tops the charts and yields strong returns for the AWF.

How To Order LHT, Now:





Respect La Diva Poll:

The RLD-Poll asks respondents to vote for their “favorite female singer of all time.” The Poll is now open until January 31, 2012. The Winner will be honored with a special Gold Diva Award.


While AJW currently has a large percentage lead in the polling, the low total vote count leaves us very vulnerable to a late voting effort by another camp. One vote per day from each computer that you use is appropriate.

If Amy is selected for this award, it is likely that an AJW song will be written into the RLD show. A win here will help boost MANY other current and future projects.


Camden Square Memorial:

The politicians in Camden are debating what they call the “sensitive issue” of placing a permanent Amy-memorial on the Square. The job-creators in the area will receive a major biz-boost from the many thousands of tourists that will flock to the memorial annually. Any extended debate of the obvious should be seen as inappropriate.

My personal preference is for a life-size bronze statue, on a large pedestal no higher than 18-inches; featuring AJW wearing a flare-dress, with her right arm extended – a la the “Look Across The Water…” stage gesture – and facing in the direction of the AWF headquarters.

Whatever the Camden pols decide, they should do it quickly; before some other city beats them to it. You can help encourage the pols to act prudently and promptly by casting your vote in this poll.

News Story and Poll:


Check Here For Updates:



Hollywood Walk of Fame STAR:

Momentum is on the build in this campaign, but there is still much work to do. Very simply put, the challenge is to encourage the Walk of Fame Committee to waive the “five year rule” governing posthumous inductions. The Committee needs to see a groundswell of popular support, prior to their final consideration of granting such a waiver.

Background and Talking Points:



Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame:

This will happen, but it will require time and a great deal of hard work. Under current rules, the first year that AJW will be eligible for induction is 2028/9. Obviously, we have no way to predict whether the process will be altered between now and then, but we should make sure that the promotional infrastructure is in place for use – whenever it is needed – by us or by those that will come after us.

Another possibility is that the Hall could establish a new series of awards that would serve as “interim indicators” that an artist might be favorably considered for induction when current time limits had been met. This could serve to build excitement about numerous artists and give fans something fabulous to look forward to.

In the foreseeable future, any external efforts to encourage rule changes that might expedite an induction vote would be inappropriate and would fail. If new rules are implemented to govern posthumous inductions, we will be ready. If the process is modified to be “fan centric,” we will be ready. If tradition prevails, we will be ready. Whatever the circumstance, we will, eventually, work to help make the high honor a reality.






Marketing Original “Tribute Music” To Benefit The AWF:

A number of talented musicians have produced music that they wish to market for the benefit of the AWF. The best, cheapest and easiest way to organize this effort is for one of the participating musicians to create a single facebook-page to aggregate the offerings of all such musicians.

Since most of the music will be offered in electronically deliverable formats, the task of helping to promote sales can be substantially aided by the sundry “Amy Pages” posting frequent download links.

Experienced operators of this type of fundraising have found that noting “100% of gross proceeds from the sale of this music” will be donated to the applicable charity, ensures the highest unit sales. Creating “math problems” for potential buyers by noting “profits will go to the charity” does not drive sales. The benefit for participating musicians is being able to help the AWF, while expanding their own listener base; trying to reap any financial reward or recoupment at the front end is not effective.

The same general scheme could be employed by artists wishing to market “Tribute Art” for the benefit of the AWF.


Organizing “Local” Fundraising Events:

A lot of folks – in diverse locations – want to hold small fundraising events, with all proceeds going to the AWF.

The best, cheapest and easiest way to organize such efforts is for one of the participating volunteers to create a single facebook-page to act as an aggregate directory for such events. Potential attendees could be driven to the directory by the admins of the many other “Amy Pages.”

Trying to organize a hundred different events via a hundred different pages is a cat-herding project. Consolidating organizational efforts would deliver the kind of synergy that is needed to make LOTS of diverse events successful.


So, some of the “Amy Projects” are well baked and some are only partially baked, but we will get them all accomplished. And, there will be MANY more projects coming online in the future.

The “Amy Page” movement is fast becoming a very powerful tool that will help us all realize both our collective and individual visions of “tribute offering and legacy building.” As that power consolidates into the very loose confederation that is now being built, there will be no stopping us. As has always been the case, it is an exciting time to be an AJW fan!


For the convenience of readers, here is a link to the Amy Jade Winehouse Page Directory, which lists many of the scores of online “Amy Pages” from around the planet.


Some pages are more developed and active than others. ALL pages are created with the respect and love that their owners feel for the JadeMermaid Princess.



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