Art Contest: Draw An ‘Amy Statue’

As most AJW fans know, the Camden Council is considering a potentially appropriate, permanent memorial for placement in honor of Amy Jade Winehouse.

Please read the article and vote in the poll featured in the above link.

This first in a series of Amy’s Army Now Art Contests offers amateur and professional artists the opportunity to submit a drawing or a painting representing their vision of a permanent memorial statue depicting Amy.

Entries will be widely circulated and their merit will be voted on by readers of many facebook “Amy Pages,“ and by the page admins at Amy’s Army Now.

The Prizes:

Submitters of the Top-Three selected entries will each be awarded a factory-sealed copy of AJW’s latest album, Lioness: Hidden Treasures.

The Process:

1. Entries must be posted on the Amy’s Army Now facebook-Wall, not later than Midnight (USA-EST) on December 15, 2011.

2. Any art medium in any style may be submitted, but drawings in a traditional and realistic-style are most likely to score the highest. (No stick-figure drawings, please.)

3. ONLY ONE submission from each artist may be entered.

4. All entries remain the property of their submitters. The Amy’s Army Now pages will have the perpetual right to publish all submissions for any non-commercial purpose they may choose.

5. Submissions may be entered by artists from ANY country.

6. Readers will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite submissions. “Likes” from readers will be counted as votes for the submissions.

7. Submitters and their friends MAY vote for their own submissions. Any paid-voting or incentive-voting promotion will be cause to disqualify the affected submission.

8. Awards to the TOP-THREE submissions will be determined by a weighting scheme as follows:

50% based on the number of reader “Likes” placed; and,

50% based on the vote of the Amy’s Army Now admins.

9. Voting closes at Midnight on December 20, 2011. Awards will be announced by on or about December 25, 2011.

10. Awards will be shipped to the TOP-THREE submitters by on or about December 31, 2011, via USPS insured mail.

11. In the event of an unexpected flood of submissions, a new page may be created to best feature the art and better facilitate the voting scheme.

12. In the event that only THREE (3) submissions OR fewer than THREE (3) submissions are entered, each such qualifying submission will be awarded the contemplated prize.

While the admins at Amy’s Army Now have frequently expressed their vision of the “preferred” statue,

“…a life-size bronze statue, on a large pedestal no higher than 18-inches; featuring AJW wearing a flare-dress, with her right arm extended – a la the “Look Across The Water…” stage gesture – and facing in the direction of the AWF headquarters,”

artists are NOT required to comport their submissions to that vision. If our vision appeals to you, draw it; if not, your own creative vision will likely best serve your submission.

As noted, this is the first art contest Amy’s Army Now has conducted. If it proves popular with submitters and readers, there will be frequent contests with different themes and prizes.

Have fun and create something that you would be pleased to see standing in Camden for a very long time. Best of luck!


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