Fans: Don’t Help Pirates Steal From Amy

The evil graverobbers are out in force. Pirated and hodge-podge CDs and DVDs are popping up for sale on many online retail venues. NONE of the proceeds from the sale of such material flow to the Amy Winehouse Foundation or to AJW’s estate. Buying such items is tantamount to suborning stealing from Amy.

It is easy to understand the great thirst that fans have for more Amy music; the temptation to buy dodgy items is powerful. Each time you succumb to that temptation, you help delay the release of additional legitimate material and you diminish its value. It is righteous to be patient and to wait for the “real thing.”

During the next decade, it is very likely that substantial quantities of legitimate, unreleased AJW music will surface. If you love Amy and respect the sacrifices that she made to create that music, you will wait for it and avoid the quick-buck scammers that care only about counting stolen money.

Just today, it is being reported that Remi has a nice stash of material that will likely eventually be released.

Over time, there will likely be LOTS more; wait for it.

Currently, the ONLY authorized new release is Lioness: Hidden Treasures. Support LHT, help drive it to the top of the charts, and you will be well rewarded with many future opportunities to own more of the great music that YOUR JadeMermaid Princess devoted much of her life to creating for YOU.



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