The ‘Amy Polls’ and Why They Matter

Those of us working the ground-game in Amyville are starting to feel like players at Election Central. So many votes to cast in so many polls, and so likkle time to get the job done.

A number of folks have asked: Why are we spending so much time and effort hustling the polls and what do the polls have to do with “preserving the legend and promoting the philanthropic legacy” of  AJW?

The single most important element in the success of our mission is sustaining – and radically increasing – the “Name ID” of Amy Jade Winehouse. That name is our product and it has been left to US to be preserved, spread throughout the world, and kept alive for all time.

We are in the “impression creating” business. Each time someone sees a positive story about Amy Jade Winehouse – like a win in a poll – we have created an impression. The effects of such impressions are always cumulative; each builds upon itself and increases awareness of both our legend preservation efforts and our efforts to build Amy’s philanthropic legacy.

These positive impressions lead to increased sales of AJW’s music and merchandise AND hike our cadre of supporters. All such boosts accrue to the benefit of the Amy Winehouse Foundation and serve to keep the legend alive.

And, of course, the best part of these efforts is that they cost us nothing except our time and effort. They all involve “earned media,” which is FREE; a price we can all afford to pay.

We all know that Amy was a kind and generous human. Those qualities should not be presumed to have precluded either a fierce competitive nature or a determined business ethic. Anyone who saw Amy on the “promotion tours” knows that she was among the most aggressive promoters of her own – and others – art. She was relentless in those efforts and they all paid handsome dividends.

There was a reason Amy was called a “Lioness.“ AJW did not become “rich and famous” by being a milquetoast wallflower; she did it by working hard to promote her art, her product. If Amy was here, she would be pushing harder than she ever did before towards winning every promotional project that we are now engaged in.

If you already bought this album, please buy another one for each member of your family.”

If that sounds familiar, it is because AJW used it repeatedly in her efforts to win. Now, the winning is up to us; our efforts will determine whether or not we are worthy of our inherited obligations.

Every poll is a crucial part of our “earned media” campaign.


UPDATE:  12-8-11

The Metro Poll is now closed. Amy Jade Winehouse has won the polling.

Thank You to all of the voters!

The Metro 2011 Celebrity Poll is time critical. We do not know when it will end; “before Santa arrives.” We have a very tenuous lead here; we need to establish a massive reserve to withstand any coming voting blitz.


The Respect La Diva Poll is still Amy’s to lose. Due to low voting totals, AJW’s lead is very deceptive; other campaigns are now making substantial gains. The winner receives the Special Gold Diva Award and the poll closes on January 31, 2012. A win here will likely result in one or more of Amy’s songs being included in the next run of the totally excellent Respect La Diva show. We must continue to maintain Amy’s lead, or we will risk being swamped in the final days of the poll.


As we play the “polling game,” there are a few important rules and guidelines that we must follow, if we expect to win.

1. Perhaps the most important “rule” in these campaigns is being frequently violated. DO NOT – not ever – publicly bash or trash or speak ill of the other candidates in the polls. Such rude behavior is counterproductive; it makes Amy and her fans look bad, motivates voters in the other camps, and can lead to major losses.

2. Remember, the other candidates in the polls are NOT our opponents and NOT or enemies. Our opponents are time and the counter; our only enemy is our own sloth and laziness.

3. Vote Early and Vote Often. One vote per-day, from each computer you touch is appropriate. You can also vote from coffee shops, offices, libraries, and department stores.

4. When you leave home, always take the URL addys of the polls with you. When you pass a computer, enter the URLs and vote.

5. If you post comments on blogs or youtube videos, leave links to the polls with those comments.

6. If you have an “Amy Page” on facebook or another venue, make sure that the polling links remain front and center.

7. Ask your friends – virtual and actual – to help you win.

8. DO NOT SPAM the folks you want to support your efforts. Space your voting reminders respectfully, when you are posting on other folks’ pages AND when you are Tweeting. Be persistent, don’t be obnoxious. (If you get scolded for being too aggressive, apologize quickly and move forward; never be rude to the unhelpful.)

9. Don’t think “nationally” when looking for support; think internationally. AJW built a huge base of support in parts of the planet where English is a second language. We will not succeed in any of our efforts, if we fail to include everybody who loves Amy.


A SPECIAL NOTE Regarding the Metro 2011 Celebrity Poll:

If anybody is friends with Lady Gaga – or her people – consider requesting that she ask her Little Monsters to throw their votes to Amy Winehouse. Gaga does not need a win in this poll and it is doubtful that she thinks otherwise. LG loves Amy and if she is approached respectfully, she may well grant the request.

By throwing her support to Amy, LG could become a primary procuring cause of Amy’s win. This would earn LG a HUGE amount of goodwill among Amy fans. She will want that goodwill, as the decision making process in the matter of the “Amy Movie” progresses.

If LG has already given her “assurances” to another candidate, she would simply decline such a request. No ill-will should be cast toward LG, if she must decline to help us.


There are many other tips, tricks and traps that could be recited here. But, there is no point in telling the other campaigns everything we know. We all know enough to proceed to victory in every game we play. If we wanna win badly enough – and are willing to work hard enough – we will win.

As freelance ambassadors of the AWF and the JadeMermaid Princess, we have an obligation to proceed respectfully and in a manner that well reflects on both. We must work hard to win, but we must also be cautious not to alienate anyone who might support us in future projects. In short, we must conduct ourselves like well-mannered politicians. We must “fight” hard, but we must do it with the kind of decency and dignity that AJW would demand.

I know that we can succeed in all of our current and future endeavors. Now, let’s do it; let’s win each and every poll for our dear and darling Amy.



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