Pro-Amy ‘Guest Bloggers’ Wanted

On the off-chance that some folks get tired of reading material written by the same few providers, the Amy’s Army Now blog is launching a “Guest Blogger” scheme.

If you have original, positive and uplifting stories and views that you wish to share about Amy Jade Winehouse, write them down and become a Guest Blogger at the Amy’s Army Now blog. Your accepted submissions will be published with your byline and will be read by a growing audience of AJW fans.

All accepted submissions will remain the property of their authors and may be used perpetually by AAN for non-profit purposes.

Submissions may be edited for style, form and content prior to publication. Essays and articles of 500-words or more are preferred. All content must be original, and written and owned by the submitter. Be sure to submit the name you want to appear as your byline; along with any biographical and contact information that you want to be published.

Two ways to submit your Guest Blogger content:

1. Simply copy and paste the content of your document into the form at

and tweet it as a Private Message to @amysarmynow.


2. Simply copy and paste the content of your document into the body of an email message to Do Not link your document to the email.

Being a Guest Blogger is a good way to get your written material in front of a larger audience, without having to maintain and promote your own blog.

Don’t be shy; show us your best stuff.




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