Urgent Appeal For Amy-Poll Help

As a few of you know, I am pretty skilled at herding cattle. Trying to herd cats is much harder and I am not good at it; feline-herding is what the ongoing effort to advance Amy Jade Winehouse in the Virgin Media Legend of the Year Poll is starting to feel like. Thus, this urgent appeal for assistance.


The only way we have any chance to prevail in our current campaign is for the heavy hitters in the “Amy Page Movement” to get behind the effort and promote it front-and-center on their pages.

While the small-page admins have devoted countless hours to both promoting and voting, they simply lack the “reach” needed to secure the kind of voting force that is required to win this campaign. We cannot win without help from the BIG pages.

The campaign now needs troops to man the voting terminals; their own computers. Single votes are of ZERO help. We need many multiple recordings of 100-vote blocks, if we are to have any chance of turning the tide in this poll. The BIG “Amy Pages” can help deliver that resource, if they will simply “status” the voting link on their pages, keep it visible, and explain the urgent and immediate need for 100-vote blocks.

Every poll win for Amy accrues to the benefit of every “Amy Page” and helps us build positive awareness about the Amy Winehouse Foundation. A win in the current campaign will be an important victory for all concerned.

AJW worked very hard to create an international fan base; it is time for that base to join forces in this campaign. Any temptation towards parochialism among the “Amy Page” admins is misguided and will, ultimately, collapse the entire page movement. Now is the time to show the world that Amy knew exactly what she was doing when she built her international infrastructure: She created a virtual army that – when united – can be among the strongest forces in all of fandom. We can show a united front that fulfills the hopes, goals, and wishes of the JadeMermaid Princess; or, we can selfishly work at cross-purposes and squander AJW’s dreams of unity.

There are now many new members of the “I Voted A Hundred Times” club, but we need hundreds more. Please promote and join the club, and help us all go in for the big win in the current campaign.



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