Atlanta, Fox Theatre: Perfect First Stop For A Dionne Bromfield USA Tour

When the time is right to commence an extended Dionne Bromfield tour of the USA, the perfect launching pad will be Atlanta, Georgia. The city will easily support a two-night schedule; opening night at the Fox Theatre; second night at Chastain Park Amphitheatre.

Ideally, the Fox show should be a charity benefit on behalf of the Amy Winehouse Foundation. The majority of tickets should be sold at high-retail prices and the balance should be radio-giveaways to inner-city youngsters and their parents. If Zalon and Heshima are available, they should definitely be featured at the Fox show.

The second night at Chastain should offer medium-to-high retail tickets, with limited radio-giveaways. This scheme will satisfy the need to pay the bills and make some money.

While such a “plan” is the right and smart way for Dionne to play Atlanta, it may not happen. Historically, many handlers have steered their “properties” straight to Chastain and bypassed the Fox. It’s a “money thing” and has deprived countless young artists of a chance to make history by adding their names to the prestigious list of “Fox Players.”

When Amy Winehouse was penciled-in to play Atlanta, her reps were aware of the “likkle campaign” to steer her into the Fox, but they ignored the opportunity and only made plans to hit Chastain. Frail efforts were made to semi-directly inform AJW about the opportunity at the Fox, but it is unknown as to whether or not “her people” ever gave her the heads up.

It is a well known saying among promoters and bookers that, “History is made at the Fox, money is made at Chastain.” The slogan is not entirely true, but it might as well be; it steers many acts in the wrong direction.

The interior of the Fox looks and feels much like London’s Porchester Hall; on steroids. It is decadently luxurious and its acoustics are magnificent. A perfect spot for Dionne to greet America.

Decades ago, many famous acts understood the merits of “smaller venues.” Were the Stones deafening at the 4,000 seat Fox? Yes, and unforgettable, too.

Rolling Stones – 1981 Live At The Fox


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If you are a Dionne fan, please encourage her to personally get the full story on the benefits – present and future – of launching any USA tour in Atlanta; and make sure she knows that the Fox is the right venue for opening night.

If you love Zalon and Heshima, chat them up and ask them to get behind the push for a “Dionne AWF Night” at the Fox.

Atlanta loves Amy Jade Winehouse, Dionne Bromfield, Zalon, Heshima, and Lioness Records. The Fox Theatre is a great spot for the crew to love the city back, as any USA tour begins.


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