Happy New Year To AJW’s Troops

The AAN gang wishes its friends a great 2012. We hope that you all find peace, happiness, and prosperity in your lives during the coming year.

The past year has brought us all much pain and suffering, but we are still standing and we will continue moving forward. We will endure our harsh and lingering grief, and prevail in our efforts to increase awareness about what will become AJW’s greatest legacy: The Amy Winehouse Foundation.

We resolve that our desperate sadness will not be used as an excuse to avoid the hard and important work that confronts us. The JadeMermaid Princess would understand and be comforting of our sorrow, but she would never abide our grief-induced inaction or surrender.

My GF tells me that I use the Shakespeare Mashup waaayyy too frequently. She is, of course, correct, but it somehow seems to give me slight guidance about how I need to make sure that “perspective pushes through.”


They are but beggars that can count their worth;

but our love for her had grown to such excess, we

could not sum up sum of half our wealth. Yet, our

sorrow must not be measured by her worth to us,

for then our pain will have no end, and we, no peace.


AJW loved and valued her fans; even when she feigned belief that she had “no fans.” I know that she would wish us all a Happy New Year and ask that we make a worthy effort to dry our tears and redouble our determination to help make the AWF all that it can be in 2012 and beyond.

Let’s get busy. Thanks!



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