2012 Squidoo Campaign: Promote The AWF

The focus of this campaign is to deploy Squidoo Lenses to help advance the Amy Winehouse Foundation across all search engines; to help radically increase the number of backlinks to the AWF website; to help create more AWF-page returns for the search term “charitable foundation;” and, of course, most importantly, to help build general awareness about the hopes, goals, wishes and goodworks of the AWF.


Step One:

Join Squidoo. It’s FREE and it only takes a minute to register.


Step Two:

Study the material at the AWF website and Facebook page. Choose one or more aspects of the foundation’s work that you would like to build your Squidoo Lens around.

AWF Facebook Page


AWF Website


There are many possible topics that will make for an interesting lens. You might highlight one or more of the charitable organizations that are being supported and funded by the AWF. Or, you might choose to focus your lens on other aspects of the AWF that are covered on their website. If a topic seems interesting to you, it will likely be interesting to other folks, too.

Remember, we are not creating great literature with this effort; you don’t have to be a skilled writer to tell your story. You can use youtube videos and pictures to add interest to your story.

Step Three:

Build your first Squidoo Lens. The pages are built with modules and it will take you less than an hour to construct your first one. If you can read simple English instructions – or translate the instructions with google translator – you can build a fast lens without any special computer skills.

Here are some sample lenses to help guide your first efforts:

This lens is part of the JadeHorseshoe Loves series; it is in the charity/nonprofit category and offers sundry links to the AWF and a few stories.



This lens is in the music/musician catgeory and is about the campaign to encourage Dionne Bromfield to plan a USA tour and hold an opening night concert in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Fox Theatre, for the benefit of the AWF.



This lens is in the entertainment category and is part of the JadeHorseshoe Loves series, which recognizes public-figures and entertainers – like Dana DeLorenzo – that support the hopes, goals and wishes of the AWF.



This lens is a fan/tribute page, in the music/musician category and features numerous AWF related links and some AWF news/views.



This lens is an unpromoted tribute page, also in the music/musician category.



It is pretty easy to make a “connection” between lots of subjects and the AWF. This means that even if you are not interested in building a lens that solely features the AWF, you can still help both the backlink campaign and the general awareness-building efforts by simply linking and mentioning the AWF within you lens.

Here are a few academic examples of “AJW centric” topics that can easily be connected to the AWF. These are not suggestions; just some simple examples that might help get your creative brain cooking.

1. A detailed lens in the fashion category about AJW’s tastes in designer wear, or ballet slippers, or high-heel pumps.

2. A detailed lens in the fashion category about Disaya’s donation of the Back To Black dress to the AWF and its purchase at auction by a South American fashion museum.

3. A detailed lens in the fashion category about Fred Perry’s AJW clothing lines.

4. A detailed lens in the cosmetics category about AJW’s progression of makeup styles.

5. A detailed lens in the hairstyle category about AJW’s progression of hairstyles.

6. A detailed lens in the art category about famous artists/photographers that have donated proceeds from the sale of their work to the AWF.

7. A detailed lens in the travel category about AJW’s world travels; simply look at the online setlists and layout the travel itinerary in pictures and videos. Such a lens would be best if produced as a “series;” indexed by year of travel.

8. A detailed lens in the travel/places category about the sundry locations where AJW lived.

9. A detailed lens in the collectibles category about the jukeboxes, records, and other items that AJW liked to collect.

10. A detailed lens in the music category about musicians who have created and/or delivered musical tributes to AJW.

11. A detailed lens in the fashion/beauty/bodyart category about the tattoo art that adorned AJW.

Any of those subjects – and hundreds more that are not necessarily “AJW centric” – will allow you to easily and logically integrate links and stories about the Amy Winehouse Foundation and its work. Just choose a positive and uplifting subject, present it in an informative manner, insert the AWF into the mix, and your lens will be a winner.


Make sure that you place your lens in the proper Squidoo category. If you make a music/entertainment lens, don’t place it in the charity/nonprofit category. If your lens is solely focused on some aspect of the AWF, it can go in the charity/nonprofit category as a “support” page. If your lens primarily features, for example, a musician, it should go in the music category; you can still load such a lens with AWF links and info.

It is also important not to allow your lens to be seen as a “direct fundraising” vehicle. Your placement of links to the AWF pages is not an attempt by you to fundraise and is permitted. Don’t make any “direct” appeals for donations; using the word “support” is not an appeal for funds and is permitted. Your readers will follow the links in your lens and they can decide for themselves if/how they want to “support” the AWF. The job of your lens is to raise awareness and increase the backlink count; not to engage in direct fundraising.

NOTE: Obviously, if your lens is about a fundraising event that you are authorized under the AWF guidelines to conduct, you should include details about the relevant ticket/donation scheme. Be sure that you also place links – in your lens – to your other “event pages.”

When building “music related” lenses, feel free to use the AMZN modules to link items for sale. Do not include any “unauthorized” or “pirated” items in your link lists. If someone buys an item via your lenses, you will receive a small amount of money from the transaction. If you register on Squidoo using the same email-addy that you use at PayPal, the cash will be direct deposited into your account; you can keep it, OR better yet, send it to the AWF.

“Tags” are words/phrases that help readers find your lens, and can help the search engines find/index your lens. In some instances, more than FIVE tags may handicap your lens; relevance is more important than quantity. In addition to any other lens-relevant tags, your tags should include:

Amy Winehouse Foundation


Charitable Foundation

After you hit the “PUBLISH” button and your lens goes live, DO NOT make any efforts to promote it online until AFTER it has been indexed by google. That will usually take a day or more; sometimes less, but be patient. When you find your lens on google, post a link to it on the AAN Facebook Page.


Our resident “Monkey Man” – aka Pumper Dude – will help you to start spreading the word about your new creation. Don’t expect to exceed the readership of The New York Times – that might not be the best example – but he will help get your publication into the mix.

During the next few weeks, watch this blog for an entry entitled something like: How To Promote Your Amy Pages. It will show you – via a directory of aggregated links – how to make sure that some humans take a gander at your Squidoo Lenses and your other “Amy Pages.” As some of you know, AAN is not a good “hand holder;” we can show you how to promo your output, but you gotta do the hard work yourself AND you gotta be patient as your efforts begin to take hold.


As noted here many times, we are all in the serious game of “building awareness” about the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Each day, everything we do must move us toward collecting more “positive impressions” than we had yesterday. The FREE Squidoo Lens platform is a powerful arrow in our quiver; in early 2012, let’s start using it like Cupid would.



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