zujava: A New Page Publishing Platform

A new online platform from which you can help build awareness about the Amy Winehouse Foundation has now gone live. Registration is fast and easy.


Still in BETA, the platform can be expected to have a few bugs, but I was able to publish this sample page fairly quickly and with a minimum of “learning curve” blues. The building blocks are simple; after the first page, you should be able to go into high-production mode.

Sample Page:


The Likkle Page Fleet:


The site has a “money making” component and any earnings can be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, or retained by the page owner. Backlinks to your pages on other platforms can also be included in your zujava pages.

It is always good to find a new place to help promote the AWF. Take a look at zujava, if you want to painlessly help spread the word about the foundation’s great work.



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