Belgrade: Final Notes

This brief entry is the kind that I really hate to pen. I will speak of these things now – from perceived necessity – and not chat of them again. In the future, when the subject comes up and a response is deemed appropriate, I will simply provide a link to this entry.

The tragedy of Belgrade continues to be used by the bashers and their disease-chauvinist allies, in ongoing attempts to discredit Amy Jade Winehouse, cast shame and embarrassment upon her memory, and diminish the fabulous recall that those of us who love her will always retain. The primary weapons of the trashers are, of course, the despicable and scandalous videos of AJW’s final public concert on June 18, 2011, in Kalemegdan, Belgrade, Serbia.

Like all AJW-bashing vids, the Belgrade films tell us nothing at all about her character, but well serve to reveal the lack of character possessed by their exploiters. There will be no vid links in this entry; the ghouls and the haters can find their own. A simple picture of horror, displayed on the wholly innocent and terrified face of a decent and broken human will justly suffice to illustrate tragedy and distribute guilt, without satisfying the subhuman bloodlust of the hateful.

On that dark night, barely a month before the JadeMermaid Princess made her final exit, humanity took a vacation and savagery took the eve. A terminally ill SuperStar took the stage, and the decency of thousands of ordinary folks vanished; replaced by outrageous conduct, shameful inaction, unparalleled greed and pure evil.

What happened on that awful night?

* As AJW’s inability to perform quickly became obvious, a de facto “kidnapping and hostage holding” incident unfolded.

* A cruel, backward, ignorant and disgusting mob of audience miscreants booed, screamed curses, and attempted to throw objects onto the stage.

* A group of trusted friends and close associates failed to summon the modicum of moral courage that would have been required to rescue their loyal friend.

* A gang of greed-directed shotcallers became determined that “50-minutes or more” was to be the ORDER of the night.

* A story of modern-day slavery – perpetrated by above-the-law gangsters in Savile Row suits – was revealed.

* An orchestrated attempt – directed from the heights of power – was immediately launched to prevent the wide distribution of video records documenting the sordid affair.

In some USA jurisdictions, the events of that horrible night could have resulted in the criminal prosecution of some of the participants. In many USA venues, successful civil litigation against those actors would have been a slamdunk. Yet, in the instant circumstance, all that was delivered was a tragic outcome, with no justice for the victim.

That the corruption-based campaign to conceal the video record of the outrage failed, yielded two results:

1) Haters got a useless – though irritating – bashing tool;

2) Good folks got a perfect record of the civil and moral crimes that went down.

The “coverup” campaign was never about preventing the artist from being shamed and embarrassed; it was designed solely to conceal the bad acts that were committed on behalf of the powerplayers.

While I despise the videos and rarely view them, it is appropriate that they survived. Let everybody look at them. Let the decent folks dissect them – a la Zapruder – to see exactly what a de facto “kidnapping and hostage holding” really looks like. It’s an ugly picture, but it happened and the vids assign blame where it belongs.

AJW was no stranger to “playing hurt.” Every athlete and performer is always ready to play. Yet, an ill or injured human is the least qualified to determine their own readiness. For that reason, there are strict rules and protocols in the sports world to help prevent disaster; similar schemes should be mandated to help protect our non-sports entertainers.

Since the “industry” refuses to act responsibly in these matters, the respective government regulators should now intervene. The delay of such intervention will yield only more tragedy, more heartbreak, and more dead songbirds.

Prospective regulations might mandate, among other things, that:

* “Properties” arriving at a venue via ambulance, cannot be allowed to take the stage.

* “Properties” that cannot engage in a cogent pre-show chat with the promoter or his responsible agents, cannot be allowed to take the stage.

* “Properties” that are obviously impaired, cannot be allowed to take the stage.

* Strict civil and criminal liability shall attach to violations of the regs, and the same shall be applied jointly and severally to promoters, record companies and their agents, talent managers and agents.

* Strict civil and disciplinary liability shall attach to legal practitioners that negotiate or facilitate contracts on behalf of “properties” that they know or should know are incompetent to either lawfully enter into or perform upon such contracts. All such contracts shall be deemed avoidable by any principal party thereto, without penalty or recourse. Attorneys and solicitors that participate in the making of such unlawful contracts shall be liable for any and all damages arising from breaches proven to have been committed by their incompetent clients. (This provision will put the insurance gangs on notice that they better be very certain of the “mental and physical soundness” of the contracting parties being represented by their insured attorneys/solicitors.)

In the early days of this new scheme, all of the gangsters will lose some money; refunds will freely flow from the pockets of the unfeeling, into the hands of the disappointed. Such reverse commerce will not last long. The gangsters will quickly cease their exploitive and blind-eye routines, our precious artists will be protected, and fans will get the highest value of their ticketed contract.

Fans also have a decency-based obligation in such remedial efforts. As bodyguard Raymond Watson fervently requested from the funeral pulpit of Whitney Houston:

“Please stop ridiculing our entertainers for their personal troubles. We must love our entertainers and protect them and support them when they are in trouble. They devote their lives to bringing us joy. We owe them much more than the price of a ticket.”

Watson is a bold, brave, righteous man, and his words should be abided.

AJW had absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in her swansong appearance; she was simply abused as chatel by the forces of ignorance, cowardice, and evil that surrounded her. Reasonable people making good-faith contemplations can only conclude that the vile vids point the finger of shame correctly — away from Amy Jade Winehouse and toward those who betrayed her trust, confidence and love.

Our dear likkle princess rests now and no one can hurt her anymore. But, sundry other entertainers remain vulnerable. We collectively abandoned the moral imperative to defend and protect AJW, when it might have made a difference. We must now resolve to never again sacrifice our own humanity to the greatest servant of all things evil — our own silence.

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