Banner Changes Coming To AAN Facebook Pages

With the new format of all facebook pages fast approaching, AAN’s prefered page banners will be replaced. On or before April 1, 2012, new interim banners will be uploaded onto the reformatted pages; these banners may or may not be subsequently updated.

The Interim Banners:

Amy’s Army Now Facebook Page

Amy Jade Winehouse Page Directory Facebook Page

Dionne Bromfield Page Directory Facebook Page

It is not clear that in the new format the directory pages will have the same utility that they currently have. If it becomes necessary, the directories will be moved to another site; possibly to WordPress, possibly to our own server. Such a move would allow for the directories to be alphabetized and would provide potentially more valuable backlinks to the listed pages.

While we very much regret that any format changes are being implemented, there is, obviously, nothing we can do about it. Such is life.

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