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The likkle AAN gang is pleased with the number of nice AWF promos we have recently garnered from third-party sources. But, we are all suffering from a slight case of We Can Do More and We Can Do It Better Syndrome. Modern life and laziness are both enemies of greater and more energetic efforts. The tiny AAN crew has all promised, once again, to devote more time to our Amy-Page hobby and less time to the stuff we don’t really want to do.

Sometimes, trying to build awareness about worthwhile causes and ideas seems as though it is futile. All efforts can appear to be never ceasing and without results. Often, observers think that what the pumpers do amounts to nothing, but while we often don’t do our work as well as we should, we have, over many years, learned a few things:

1. All pumping is cumulative and your efforts can remain invisible, until “critical mass” is achieved and your results seem to become visible “overnight.”

2. Some techniques fail and you must constantly experiment with new ones.

3. If you quit in the face of disappointing results, your chances of winning are reduced to less than zero.

4. Persistence does, indeed, breakdown resistance.

The AAN group is a very long way from reaching critical mass, but we are moving forward and making some progress. We will never quit pulling, pushing, and beehive-tugging the AJW/AWF train. And, we are among the most persistent creatures that have ever inhabited the planet.

Some recent promos that the AAN pumpers have picked up:

Note To Readers: You have a critical role in helping to assure that promo pages such as those above are widely distributed and seen by a large audience. Simply clicking on the facebook button, the twitter button, and the google+ button will help advance such pages in the search-engine rankings. Your clicks will also move the pages up in rank on their own sites, which can result in the promos being featured on the sites’ front pages. As you know, we are in the “impression collecting” game. The more simple impressions that we collect, the easier it will become for the AWF to succeed in its own promotional and fundraising efforts. Your help in this regard is needed and much appreciated.

Only our own reticence and “organic growth” strategy have kept AAN from connecting with more of the “influencers” that are eager to write about and promote subjects that may be interesting to their readers. We won’t be making any more mistakes in that regard.

Today, I asked my associates this question:

“If we were pumping a profit-making enterprise for ourselves, what techniques would we be employing to get the job done?”

I saw all of the “lightbulbs” go on in the room. We get it. If we are going to accomplish our mission, we simply must be much more aggressive, much less insular and parochial, and totally relentless in reaching out to new promotional resources. This tactical reinvigoration will not become visible to all in the short term, but it is now underway and we expect it to yield results in 2012.

Our still tearful mini-covey of typing-pumpers thanks all of our readers for their friendship. We promise not to rest until the day comes when a  google/yahoo/bing searcher types in the words “charitable foundation” and finds that the AWF is permanently in the page-one mix. We love and respect AJW and we are much honored to be an ultra-miniature part of helping to promote the construction of what we strongly believe will become her most important legacy, the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

To learn more about the AWF, please visit their lovely website:

To view the infrastructure of the AAN pages, visit this roadmap:

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