Use Page Publishing Venues to Promote and Support Amy Winehouse Foundation

The following page publishing venues are ideal platforms from which individuals can easily promote and support the Amy Winehouse Foundation. There is no charge to use the venues and you will be paid a share of any revenues generated by your pages; you can then transmit such monies to the AWF.

Squidoo; Zujava; HubPages; InfoBarrel; Wizzley; Snipsly; Seekyt; Wikinut; RedGage; Weebly.

Pages are very easy to build; no advanced computer knowledge is required. If you know how to play on facebook or twitter, you will have no problem making a nice page.


An AAN Transparency Note:

All AAN pages – whether there is one or 100 – will always remain not for profit and will be operated as a hobby, by unpaid volunteers. All AAN pages are promotional and informational vehicles only. No AAN pages are designed for fundraising purposes.

The AAN aparat supports the hopes, goals and wishes of the Amy Winehouse Foundation, and has no fiduciary relationship with the AWF,  and never acts – nor claims to act – for or on behalf of the AWF.

AAN pages will never solicit or collect funds on behalf of the AWF, but will encourage and help to enable readers to make direct donations to the AWF, via the AWF website or through other official AWF venues.

AAN pages that are published on venues with commercial components will be operated in one of the following ways:

1. Publishing venues upon which the AWF has been deemed an approved charity, will transmit 100% of any revenues generated by AAN pages directly to the AWF.

2. Publishing venues upon which the AWF has not been deemed an approved charity, but which venues have their own internally administered omnibus charity fund, will retain 100% of any revenues generated by AAN pages. The AAN aparat will, at least once annually, transmit an amount equal to the amount thusly retained, directly to the AWF.

3. Publishing venues upon which there is no official charity component, will, in the ordinary course of their business, either disburse to or hold in reserve for the AAN aparat, 100% of any revenues generated by AAN pages. The AAN aparat will, at least once annually, transmit an amount equal to the amount thusly disbursed or reserved, directly to the AWF.

Currently, based on:

1. The number of AAN pages with commercial components; and,

2. The past revenue generation of existing AAN pages,

it is not anticipated that revenues derived from the subject commercial components will, in the foreseeable future, be substantial. That circumstance could change in the event that the number of AAN pages was increased, and/or if other publishing venues were employed. In no event will the AAN aparat ever hold an amount of page generated revenues that exceeds, in the aggregate, $500.00 US. If said amount is reached, it will be immediately transmitted to the AWF, notwithstanding the previously noted annual transmittal pledge.

To learn more about the AWF, or to make a donation to the AWF, click the link:


If you are looking for a way to build a fun internet page that has the potential to raise some tiny pennies for the AWF, please consider building a likkle page on one or more of the above referenced venues. Such pages do not have to be AJW/AWF centric. Pages in any category and about any subject can be built. Simply place a promotional link to the AWF website on the page, and pledge any page revenues to the Amy Winehouse Foundation. When such revenues are received by you, simply transmit them to the AWF.

Don’t be shy. Jump in the mix. You’ll have fun and you can help with the important task of building awareness about the Amy Winehouse Foundation.



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