Amy Winehouse SYTS Scholarship: Deadline Looms

On April 12, the window will close on a once in a lifetime opportunity for one lucky kid and their family. That day is the deadline for the filing of applications to receive the Amy Winehouse Foundation sponsored scholarship to attend the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London.

The scholarship is designed to allow a financially disadvantaged child to pursue his or her dreams of developing their natural talents in the area of drama, singing. and dance.

There is still time to submit a last minute application. If you are the parent of a “natural born star” – or know somebody who is – don’t sit on your hands; late applications cannot be accepted.

Full details about the scholarship and an application are at this link:

Amy Jade Winehouse

When AJW was 13-years old, she wrote an application letter to the headmistress, Sylvia Young. That letter was preserved and reads:

I want to go somewhere where I’m stretched right to my limits, and perhaps beyond to singing lessons without being told to shut up. But mostly I have this dream to be very famous. To work on stage. It’s my life long ambition. I want people to hear my voice and just forget their troubles for five minutes. I want to be remembered for being an actress, a singer, for sell out concerts, sell out West-end and Broadway shows, and for being just…me.

For the education of the history buffs: The stories of AJW having been “expelled” from Sylvia Young are far from strictly accurate; tho, they do make for a fun and cool legend. During a time when one of the most talented students ever to present at the school turned 16-years old and became convinced that she absolutely could not continue with life unless she had her nose pierced, Sylvia Young became convinced that AJW was ready to meet the challenges that would be posed by William Ashton at the National Youth Jazz Orchestra. It was decided that Ashton would take over the duties of mentoring and educating the “self-determined and semi-unruly” genius. AJW simply moved to another venue; she was not run off from SYTS with a stick.

Next week, a youngster, not so very different than AJW was when she first sought to matriculate at Sylvia Young, will take the first steps in a life-changing adventure. That child could be someone you know and love, if you can meet the looming application deadline.

The pride and joy that AJW would feel watching the auditions of the kids vying to be educated in her name would be enormous. The awarded child will be watched closely and encouraged by AJW fans. We all wish them Godspeed and hope that their early promise will be fully realized in future years.

Regarding my own promise: Each time I post the above Likkle Mermaid’s picture, I promise myself and others that “this time, it will not make me cry.” One of these days, I will keep my promise; maybe.

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