AAN Page Network Primed To Expand

During 2012, the AAN Page Network will launch additional branded page sites. The new venues will present original content related to preserving the musical legend and promoting the philanthropic legacy of Amy Jade Winehouse.

As always, all original content featured on AANPN pages will be produced by unpaid volunteers and distributed at no cost for use by all Amy Page publishers. Skilled writers and other quality content producers will continue to be recruited to help assure that fans have a good supply of original and interesting material to enjoy.

Quotes From Hank:

“As the natural news cycle of AJW-centric stories winds down, I believe that the demand for additional original content will continue to expand. Our likkle crew hopes to help meet that demand.”

“All AANPN content will continue to promote the great work of the Amy Winehouse Foundation. We see the AWF as the backbone of the Amy Page Movement.”

“Aggregating readymade content was fun and easy for Amy Pages, while it lasted. Now, we must prepare for the next phase of our hobby.”

“Hopefully, we will find a good supply of talented writers and others that want to participate in our all volunteer efforts to help keep AJW a top-of-mind topic for a very long time.”

“Written content in each niche and genre will be rolled out. If it fits into our All Good Things Amy, All The Time motto, we want readers to have it.”

“We will continue to only use ‘free’ venues, as part of our serious effort to encourage new pagemakers to join the hobby. Obviously, we could have fancy pages built, but that would send the wrong message. We want to demonstrate that everybody can play in the Amy Page Movement, and that the only required investment is their time.”

“Every aspect of AJW’s life and times needs to be sensitively and positively explored and preserved in writing, if we are all to help meet the goal of keeping the JadeMermaid Princess alive forever in the hearts and minds of her fans and those who love her.”

“Our rodeo experience is substantial in managing the scale of projects. If we start to become overextended and lose the ability to do the job correctly, we will know it quickly and we will slow down. For now, it’s full speed ahead.”

“Since we have no need or desire to profit financially from any of our efforts, we have few restraints on the types of projects we can undertake. If, as some critics have alleged, we are ‘just propaganda hobbyists attempting to revise history,’ those critics may be very surprised by our ability to fight back. We don’t buy ink by the barrel, but we don’t need to.”

“At a time when our collective voices might have helped to alter the outcome of the AJW adventure, we feel that we shirked our obligations to someone who brought us great joy and we are not proud of those failures. We can’t change history, but we can make a meaningful contribution to ensuring that history gets the story right.”

“Folks participating in the Amy Page Movement are in the vanguard stages of building a great hobby that will be enjoyed by lots of folks during the coming decades. Our gang is thrilled to be able to make a small contribution to those building efforts.”

Readers can follow the growth of the AANPN at the linked page. As new venues go live, the likkle page will get bigger.


Everybody involved in the prospective expansion is very motivated to get the job done. Your participation in that effort is welcome, needed and appreciated.

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