New Page Series: Amy Winehouse Tribute Art Promos

As part of the AANPN growth scheme, a new series of pages will be devoted to original tribute art depicting images of Amy Jade Winehouse. The venue for the pages is currently undetermined, but will be one of the expansion sites and will be selected soon. The series will be widely promoted. If you are an artist creating respectful AJW art, your work can be included in the new series.

The page series is not a “talent contest” and all submissions of serious and respectful art – amateur and professional – will be included in the serial page set. There will be no written critiques of submissions; all art placed in the multi-volume series will be promoted equally. All art mediums are welcome.

If you have original art – created by you or your client – here is the submission protocol.

1. Submit a photo(s) of the art that you want displayed in the series.

2. Submit a full description of the art.

3. Include a brief bio of the artist.

4. Include any link(s) or contact info that you want included in the series.

5. Email to

Submissions that pledge a portion of sales proceeds as a timely contribution to the Amy Winehouse Foundation will be given placement preference in the series.

The page publisher will not take part in any sales transactions, so make sure that links to your sales venue and other contact info is included with your submission.

The purpose of the page series is to help expand interest in Amy Art, to assist artists in the promotion of their work, and to provide interesting content for AANPN readers. The first volume in the series will be published when an adequate number of submissions have been received; subsequent volumes will follow on the same basis.

Here are some of the new page brands that may be used in the series:

If you wanna play, let us hear from you.


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