Amy Winehouse Foundation Juggernaut Lands in USA

On April 11, Mitch and Janis were on hand in NYC to establish a USA presence for the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Americans are excited!

As part of the USA launch, the AWF granted $10K to the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, which works to preserve and restore music education for young folks. Unknown to most readers, AJW worked tirelessly to support and fund efforts to reopen music education departments in USA public schools; many such programs have been shutdown due to severe financial constraints. I guess the tabloids “forgot” to report that aspect of AJW’s life.

The first thing that bloggers and Amy Page makers need to do in support of the AWF-USA is to make sure:

1. That both the UK and USA AWF websites are linked on all blogs and Amy Page entries.



To date, the majority of traffic to the UK website has been from the USA. Yet, the site has barely three-dozen Alexa-recorded “links in” from credible and authority sites. While the likkle AANPN gang is very pleased to have contributed some of those links, the low overall count is not acceptable and must not be allowed to stand. Bloggers and pagemakers are in the best position to help remedy the problem. Now, today, is the time to act aggressively in the battle to substantially increase the AWF’s link count.

(NOTE: 48-hours following the posting of this entry, Alexa released a new audit that revealed approximately 400 “linking in” sites had been recorded. That new count is excellent and must continue to increase.)

2. That all future AJW/AWF-relevant entries to blogs and freestanding pages contain the TAGS “amy winehouse foundation” AND “charitable foundation.”

Until the AWF begins to earn its fair share of returns for the search term “charitable foundation,” the organization cannot reach its full potential. Your placement of the “charitable foundation” tag on your blog/page entries will help move us toward that goal.

All USA residents who love the JadeMermaid Princess are extremely proud that the AWF has landed on our shores. We are ready to help get the job done; anyone who doubts the American resolve in that regard should simply watch our actions in 2012 and beyond.

We enthusiastically welcome the Amy Winehouse Foundation to the USA. Thank you so much for coming!

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