AANPN Begins Rollout of New Amy Winehouse Foundation Promo Pages

Following the launch of the LikkleJade pages, the planned expansion of AANPN pages is on schedule. All additional branded page series will be deployed before the end of 2012.

The LikkleLetters pages are expected to go live in May. As part of that series, AANPN is asking readers to begin submitting tribute “Letters To Amy.” Submitted letters will be presented in multiple volumes as their quantity increases.

Letter writers requesting the same will receive a byline and a backlink to their relevant online pages attached to their published submissions. Letters signed with “pen names” are welcome; writers may use their real name or a pseudonym. Multiple letters from one writer are welcome. Letters may be edited for clarity. Generally, letters should be twixt 300 and 500 words, but exceptional letters that are longer will also be published. All letters should be respectful in tone and content.

At the option of the writer, letter topics might include:

* Recollections about AJW, her music, her concerts, her life;

* Details of what AJW has meant to the writer;

* Details of how the writer is currently feeling about AJW;

* The writer’s hopes and wishes for the future of the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

In short, writers may pen letters on any subject that they would if AJW was available to read them. It is hoped that this likkle experiment in letter writing will have a cathartic effect on letter writers. It will also allow readers to better understand that they are not alone in their strong feelings about AJW. And, it may even help educate some non-Amyites about the importance that AJW fans place on their feelings for the JadeMermaid Princess.

Letters should be submitted as “copy and paste” content to amysarmynow@yahoo.com. No letters should be submitted as attachments. Please place the words “Amy Tribute Letters” on the email subject line. Include the name you want on your letter and, if desired, a backlink to your own page.

As time passes, one or more “coolest letters” contests may be announced. All letters published from the launch of the LikkleLetters series will be eligible for entry into any such future contests.


The branded expansion page menu is displayed here:


Very brief details about the expansion pages are displayed here:


The initial pages in the new LikkleJade series are displayed here:


Readers can help assure the acceptance and success of the expansion pages by clicking on the facebook, twitter, and google+ buttons displayed on all pages. Visits and clicks are used by the page venues to determine which pages might be moved to the frontpages of those venues. Such placement is very useful in exposing new audiences to the work of the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Readers wishing to have the greatest impact on page promotion can take an extra minute and register at the sundry publishing sites; registrants are able to leave “internal likes” on the pages, which are very helpful in securing higher page rankings. As always, your help is needed and appreciated.


Observers are now asking if the AANPN plans to launch:

* An online video channel.

* An online picture site that will aggregate and display properly credited pictures for use by Amy Pages and fans.

* An internet radio outlet that programs All Good Things Amy, All The Time.

The answer to all of the above is simple: If such projects can be accomplished in a totally not-for-profit mode, and will be beneficial to the promotion of the Amy Winehouse Foundation, the likkle AANPN gang will act to expand its focus prudently and appropriately.

Stay tuned, be patient and of good cheer. Good things are on the way.

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