New Amy Jade Winehouse Pages Continue To Launch: Promo Efforts Must Improve

Written By: Sandy Prezan

New Amy Pages are being launched each week, but efforts to promote them straight out of the gate are lagging production. The AANPN has expanded its reach and knows how to help get new pages in front of a broader audience and increase readership. But, if we don’t know that such pages have been published, we can’t help.

The likkle AAN crew does not have the resources to scour the internet everyday looking for each and every new Amy Page. Additionally, the indexing lag of the search engines is often too great to make such hunts useful. The fast solution:

If readers find a respectful new Amy Page, they should leave a link to the page in the comments section of the top post on the Amy Jade Winehouse Page Directory:

The new page will be entered into the directory promptly.


My morning chat with Hank:

SP: Are we having any impact on page promotion?

HM: I dunno. I do know we are asking people to build pages and showing them how to do it. When we find new pages, we place them in the directory and if the page owners want us to help promote the pages aggressively, we will do so.

SP: Why aren’t more page publishers asking for promo help?

HM: Maybe some are just shy. As you know, we will help promote all respectful pages. The PAs need to ask for that help. We aren’t going to go entrepreneurial on every new page. If the PAs want assistance they need to ask and they need to furnish us the info we need to get the job done.

SP: What do you mean?

HM: I mean we need to know something about the hopes, goals and wishes of the PAs and their pages. We need them to tell us in writing about their pages and give us enough background info so we can easily build the kind of promo pages that we know will work. We can’t profile and promote pages, if the PAs can’t tell us their story.

SP: I think a lot of PAs want to remain anonymous.

HM: That’s fine and has nothing to do with promoting their pages. They can use a pen name – a pseudonym – but they have to tell us about their pages. We aren’t in the ‘page review’ business and we don’t have the resources to research and write profiles from scratch. The PAs have to tell us about their pages in writing. We can then rewrite and expand on what they have written and produce the promo pages.

SP: Any special requirements to get the free promo help?

HM: Treat the subject matter respectfully, and prominently feature links to stories about the activities of the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Those are the only requirements.

SP: Realistically, how many pages can we actively promote?

HM: Most of them. If there are quality pages with PAs willing to tell their story, we can crank out nice promo pages on numerous venues. We know the formula for “pump pages” and nobody that wants to promote a nice and respectful page will be excluded.

SP: Is the current page directory getting the job done?

HM: Of course not. The changes to the facebook format are still a mystery to millions of users. Navigating the directory is no longer an intuitive exercise; as it was before the changes. Once users learn the new navigation scheme, the utility of the directory should be back to normal.

SP: Are you still building a freestanding directory?

HM: Yes, but I am surrounded by all of you lazy folks and the job is too ‘boring’ for you to do. (lol) Nobody wants to parse and edit the current directory so it can be alphabetized and replicated on a new site. So, I’m doing it myself, but it is slow going; on account of me being lazy and bored with it, too. (lol)

SP: Are some pages becoming overly competitive?

HM: No. Friendly competition between pages is making all of the active pages better. What we have to guard against and resist is the tendency for pages to become insular as they compete. What’s good for a single Amy Page is good for the Amy Page Movement. Competition does not preclude cooperation; when it does, pages will fall like dominoes and the APM will crash. Competition is always the greatest encourager of growth.

SP: What do you think of the content of the current APs?

HM: I like all respectful content. It doesn’t have to be slick or even unique, but it must be respectful for me to like it. I don’t like tabloid nonsense or nasty stuff, but any content that exalts AJW and promotes the Amy Winehouse Foundation is good with me.

SP: The AAN facebook page has lots of pictures on it now. How come?

HM: I am a fan of written content. I don’t particularly like pictures. The new facebook format and the interest of visitors have made more pictures appropriate. As time passes, a better content mix and a better balance will be achieved. Patience is always good.

SP: There have been questions about pictures of products on the facebook page and readers want to know where to buy some of the pictured items.

HM: Most of the pics are just for fun and to remind readers of the massive impact that AJW continues to have on popular culture. Unless the pictures are linked to a site noting that some of the proceeds from the sale of the merch are to be shared with the Amy Winehouse Foundation, readers can do their own online searches for the products they like. Unless the AWF benefits, we don’t promote any specific merch sales.

SP: Anything else?

HM: All good things Amy, all the time. Preserve the legend and promote the philanthropic legacy. That’s about it.


PAs of active Amy Pages on any venue – facebook, blog, website – are encouraged to let the growing AANPN help promote those pages. The network can profile your pages on numerous sites and help better position them in search results. If you want promo assistance, send an email with “promo help” in the subject line to

To learn more about the AANPN, visit:

To learn more about the Amy Winehouse Foundation, visit:

UK Website:

USA Website:


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