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Brazilian Artist Kleitson Enters ‘AMY’ Film Alt-Poster Competition

The folks at Altitude Film Entertainment – UK distributors of the new Asif Kapadia documentary AMY – have launched an Alternate-Poster Competition. Artists from around the world have been invited to submit their alternate designs for a poster to be used in the promotion and marketing of the film. Submissions are being aggregated on the PosterSpy website and will be judged by the filmmakers at the close of the contest on June 21, 2015.

Among the early entrants in the worldwide competition is Brazil’s Kleitson. A former teen-prodigy and a currently well known illustrator, Kleitson is a self-taught artist. As a youth, he was ranked among the Top 10 artists in the Corel International Design Contest. Kleitson’s work has been praised by the UK’s Prince Charles, and was honored by Brazil’s Federal Senate in 2010. The winner of numerous art competitions, Kleitson’s most important qualification to participate in the AMY Alt-Poster Contest is his “unconditional love” for Amy Jade Winehouse.

“It is always nice to win competitions, but I am honored just to participate in the AMY contest,” Kleitson said. “I draw Amy with love in my heart and soul.”


“If Beardsley or Lautrec saw this Kleitson poster outside of an entertainment venue, they would no doubt be compelled to go inside.” — AAN

Kleitson has been an enthusiastic friend of the Fan Club Trouble founding chapter in Brazil. His Amy-Tribute Art has been featured in Trouble Expositions that help preserve AJW’s musical legend, and promote and support the fine work of the Amy Winehouse Foundation.


“The output of the highly-skilled and prolific Kleitson is eclectic. He can serve up multiple styles, each with its own charm, character and technical appeal.” — AAN

“I am not too good with words, but I hope my tribute art always shows the unconditional love and respect I have for Amy,” Kleitson said.

A humble guy, not comfortable with promoting himself, the exceptional artist is needlessly self-conscious about his “lack of English skills.” But, as AAN says daily: If any human speaks Amyish, their other lingos are irrelevant; they are Amyites, they are us, we are one in our love for Amy Jade Winehouse.


‘You Can’t Hide Your Flyin’ Eyes’  –  By  Kleitson

Brazil and its people were very special to Amy. She spent time and effort in Brazil building a base of loyal and adoring fans that have eagerly awaited the release of AMY. Kapadia’s previous film SENNA remains hugely popular in the country; a unique synergy of history and circumstance exists in Brazil that will likely help assure a very popular reception for AMY.

No one knows what the outcome of the current poster competition will be. But, in our view, there is no doubt that the filmmakers would well serve their own and fans’ interests by making sure that a Kleitson poster graces theater fronts when AMY opens in Brazil.

You can enjoy the large and growing collection of Kleitson AMY Alt-Posters at the link.

The Kleitson Collection

Artists wishing to participate in the Alt-Poster Competition can submit their ORIGINAL ART entries here: PosterSpy

Good luck to all the competing artists.