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Amy Jade Winehouse: One Year Later, Tears Not Dry

Anybody expecting a long dirge here today will be disappointed. I just don’t have it in me to express the pain with dark words. I am not at all burned out, just badly burned.

As we mark the one year anniversary of the day that the JadeMermaid Princess left us, the temptation to be overcome by paralyzing pain and sadness is powerful. Counseling the avoidance of such feelings is easy, abiding that counsel is hard.

In the past year, those who love AJW have made great progress in helping to assure that the true legend of her life and music will long survive, and that her philanthropic legacy will grow for many generations. Yet, I must admit, the only bright spot I can clearly ascertain in her absence is that she is now forever safe from the hurt of the words and deeds of others that lacked her sublime decency.

We will continue to abide AJW’s call to “live the dream,” and we will keep moving forward. The notion of tears drying on their own has been given the lie, but we are grown and we will get through this desperately hurtful and empty time.

It is easy to allow the crushing sadness to wipe away the great memories. At the end of the day, we must be less sad that the magnificent adventure has ended than we are glad that we had a chance to experience that adventure. It’s not easy, but it’s doable; it must be.

We will never be the same after feeling a part of her life and suffering at her departure. We will always be better for having received the message she delivered, and we will always lament the brevity of her time with us. Fate dealt the hand ordained and we will play it.

If AJW returned to our realm, her first word to you would be, “Alright?” We have a duty to always maintain strong minds and bodies, to assure that our resounding answer would be, “Alright!”

I often acknowledge that I am the luckiest human on the planet; my entire life has been charmed. As I count good fortune, I place my discovery of AJW’s music – and seeing her perform it – at the top of my chip stack. No artist ever delivered more joy, to me. Now, harsh and lasting grief is simply the price I must pay. I will handle it, and you will, too.

Please celebrate AJW’s life responsibly today and be ready for the September birthday anniversary fun that is being planned everywhere. Thanks!


For updates on Amy Winehouse Foundation activity in the USA, visit:


For an AANPN overview of the history of the AWF, visit:




Book Review: ‘Amy, My Daughter’

Absent a fiduciary relationship dictating to the contrary, no one has an obligation to favorably review the written work of someone they like and admire. The only duty of a nonobligated reviewer is to tell his own truth; here is mine.

To date, the long awaited Mitch Winehouse volume, Amy, My Daughter is clearly the finest written offering on the life and times of Amy Jade Winehouse.

The challenge faced by reviewers bearing warm feelings about the subject matter of AMD will be to remain focused on the style of the book and leave alone their personal views about AJW. That task will not be mastered by me; it is simply not possible for me to divorce my own feelings regarding AJW from anything I write about subjects related to her. I always like to review good books, and I never like to review the lives of the people who write them. Consider my comments herein with that in mind.

I often refer to AJW’s journey as a “magnificent adventure.” AMD gives readers an involved insider’s view of that trek, and does so in an interesting, engaging and powerful manner. The book is an entertaining pageturner and there are truly no boring parts. Constructed, in part, from event contemporaneous diary entries, the story is told in a straightforward style that is super easy to follow and encourages folks to absorb the book in one long read.

AMD paints the accurate picture of a loving and ordinary parent engaged in a good faith war to save his beloved child. The author admits his lack of knowledge in some relevant matters and the most sophisticated readers should remind themselves that, notwithstanding any contrary historical notions, ignorance is not a sin. The inevitable “why didn’t he?” questions raised by readers are largely based in cocksure arrogance and/or the questioners’ own ignorance. The simple fact is that no parent “knows the things they don’t know” during their engagement in an AMD-style crisis; most such parents become gropers and blindly rely on the “expert” voices they are offered. Such reliance precludes third-party judgements of failure and exempts the actors from all but the guilt they routinely and wrongfully foist on themselves.

The major import of AMD, to knowledgeable fans of the megastar, is to be found in confirmation and not in revelation. Experienced Amyphiles can, in my view, rely absolutely on the truth of MW’s account; many of those truths were largely long known to seasoned fans and having them confirmed by a close participant is valuable, but AMD is revelatory of old truths more than expository of new secrets. Newcomers to the subject will find the generously offered details fully satisfying.

Amyites looking for the all encompassing and definitive biography of AJW will have to wait for skilled historians to brew and bake a bit longer. AMD simply offers what I deem to be the true and accurate telling of the author’s observations and feelings about the events he experienced as the public and private drama of his daughter’s terminal disease engulfed him.

The author’s wit and charm are compelling inside of AMD and are likely to soften some folks’ perceptions of him; the sympathy you want to feel for him may flow freely. Except for the general circumstance of his saga, he is not likely to make you cry in his telling, but you may feel the pain of his experiences in a way that you have not before.

The volume is skillfully compiled to interest a mainstream audience. That demo is critical to helping the Amyites preserve the legend and promote the philanthropic legacy. The AJW aficionados simply have to accept that most early books, regardless of who writes them, are going to be rather “basic” in nature. The advanced analytical writings can come as interest in the subject increases; and, it will.

Though I kind of like the full expression of feelings and opinions, I also know that it is not necessary for a writer to say everything he feels and thinks about the real life antagonists in his work. Seasoned bashers of BFC will applaud MW’s verbally harsh treatment of the sick manchild that the equally ill AJW loved much. That AJW was fully energized with the decency gene and her cohort was imbued with likkle but pure and demented evil will always make the trashing of the latter acceptable to the vast majority of those who love her, but I find even the most justifiable after-action hate to be harmful to its bearers and avoid expressing it; even when I feel it beyond measure.

If AMD was a work of fiction, I would note that the BFC character should have been eliminated from the story – by any means necessary – long prior to his ever having established a dominant position in the tale. In real life, public post-outcome bashing is easy to advise against – and hard to rise above – but its vent value is, to me, unseemly and the currency of its truth is outweighed thereby. When a nonfiction villain is indeed fully illustrated to be a “lowlife scumbag,” his conduct speaks to that fact and even the most involved storyteller need not be redundant in restating the obvious. I well know that my view in this matter is that of a tiny minority, and I cite it merely as a small point in the AMD narrative that might cause a slight sympathy-losing chill among some readers.

[DISCLAIMER: I am not so straightlaced that I did not laugh heartily upon entering the search term “lowlife scumbag” and getting a page-one GOOG return of a picture of BFC.]

AMD offers a bit of insight into some minor details of AJW’s business dealings. Folks who have grown tired of her being falsely portrayed as a brainless dunce that knew/cared nothing about her business should be somewhat satisfied. Future biographers are given a good resource of names that will prove useful in their efforts to flesh out the totality of AJW as a real human being that is exponentially more than just a disease victim.

It is also interesting to have revealed some details regarding the insiders’ recognition of the serious war that was being waged against AJW by a corrupt and vile media. While fightback efforts were never really successful, fans will at least learn that the hometeam was far from oblivious to the evil works of the demoralizing defamation machine.

As a strident and militant warrior in the ongoing battle against the deadly dogma of “disease chauvinism,” I found only a slight and grossly understated bone toss at page 206 of AMD, where the author meekly notes:

“… I also began to realize that, for most people, addiction is an illness, an illness that needs treatment, just like any other. …”

In my view, that mostly true but overly reticent observation represents a lost opportunity for a widely respected person to further spread the truth that has been recognized by the USA Government, via the National Institutes of Health and National Institute on Drug Abuse:

Substance addiction is a terminal brain disease, the components of which obviate the patient’s ability to adequately exercise freewill choice.

Story and Video Re: NIH/NIDA     http://tinyurl.com/7u6kknk

Until that scientific fact becomes the prevailing medical paradigm – and it will – every parent on the planet will remain vulnerable to the same heartbreak now being suffered by AMD‘s author. The corrupt dogma of disease chauvinism rends the credibility destroying and dehumanizing stigmatization that heaps shame and embarrassment on the sick and often precludes, hinders, or delays their successful treatment. Though understandable and completely expected, the author’s failure to forcefully attack the anti-science gangs in the context of the AJW story was personally disappointing, but does not harm either the biographical or entertainment value of AMD.

Picture lovers will be pleased with the selected offerings. Some of the photos are “new,” some are not. Hopefully, a future pictorial volume will incorporate all of the hidden treasures not shared this time out.

The inclusion in the book of what seems to be the full text of AJW’s early Sylvia Young entrance essay is a super nice touch and makes the popular pull-quotes even more powerful. Personal notes and greeting cards from AJW also add charm and tears to the mix.

Is AMD a strong enough vehicle from which to devise a major film? Absolutely, but, perhaps, it should be contemplated to be crafted as a story about MW’s travails in the saga and not as a straight-up AJW biopic. That formula might be slightly more palatable to the adamantly “no movies” crowd.

All things considered, it is very difficult to find any real fault with AMD. Fans of AJW will like it a lot and many new fans will be born among those coming to the subject for the first time. That we all desperately wish this book never had to be written is a given; that every fan and every parent read it is a necessity spawned by the most hurtful circumstance that many of us have ever experienced.

All author proceeds are pledged to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

AANPN Begins Rollout of New Amy Winehouse Foundation Promo Pages

Following the launch of the LikkleJade pages, the planned expansion of AANPN pages is on schedule. All additional branded page series will be deployed before the end of 2012.

The LikkleLetters pages are expected to go live in May. As part of that series, AANPN is asking readers to begin submitting tribute “Letters To Amy.” Submitted letters will be presented in multiple volumes as their quantity increases.

Letter writers requesting the same will receive a byline and a backlink to their relevant online pages attached to their published submissions. Letters signed with “pen names” are welcome; writers may use their real name or a pseudonym. Multiple letters from one writer are welcome. Letters may be edited for clarity. Generally, letters should be twixt 300 and 500 words, but exceptional letters that are longer will also be published. All letters should be respectful in tone and content.

At the option of the writer, letter topics might include:

* Recollections about AJW, her music, her concerts, her life;

* Details of what AJW has meant to the writer;

* Details of how the writer is currently feeling about AJW;

* The writer’s hopes and wishes for the future of the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

In short, writers may pen letters on any subject that they would if AJW was available to read them. It is hoped that this likkle experiment in letter writing will have a cathartic effect on letter writers. It will also allow readers to better understand that they are not alone in their strong feelings about AJW. And, it may even help educate some non-Amyites about the importance that AJW fans place on their feelings for the JadeMermaid Princess.

Letters should be submitted as “copy and paste” content to amysarmynow@yahoo.com. No letters should be submitted as attachments. Please place the words “Amy Tribute Letters” on the email subject line. Include the name you want on your letter and, if desired, a backlink to your own page.

As time passes, one or more “coolest letters” contests may be announced. All letters published from the launch of the LikkleLetters series will be eligible for entry into any such future contests.


The branded expansion page menu is displayed here:


Very brief details about the expansion pages are displayed here:


The initial pages in the new LikkleJade series are displayed here:


Readers can help assure the acceptance and success of the expansion pages by clicking on the facebook, twitter, and google+ buttons displayed on all pages. Visits and clicks are used by the page venues to determine which pages might be moved to the frontpages of those venues. Such placement is very useful in exposing new audiences to the work of the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Readers wishing to have the greatest impact on page promotion can take an extra minute and register at the sundry publishing sites; registrants are able to leave “internal likes” on the pages, which are very helpful in securing higher page rankings. As always, your help is needed and appreciated.


Observers are now asking if the AANPN plans to launch:

* An online video channel.

* An online picture site that will aggregate and display properly credited pictures for use by Amy Pages and fans.

* An internet radio outlet that programs All Good Things Amy, All The Time.

The answer to all of the above is simple: If such projects can be accomplished in a totally not-for-profit mode, and will be beneficial to the promotion of the Amy Winehouse Foundation, the likkle AANPN gang will act to expand its focus prudently and appropriately.

Stay tuned, be patient and of good cheer. Good things are on the way.

Amy Winehouse Foundation Juggernaut Lands in USA

On April 11, Mitch and Janis were on hand in NYC to establish a USA presence for the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Americans are excited!

As part of the USA launch, the AWF granted $10K to the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, which works to preserve and restore music education for young folks. Unknown to most readers, AJW worked tirelessly to support and fund efforts to reopen music education departments in USA public schools; many such programs have been shutdown due to severe financial constraints. I guess the tabloids “forgot” to report that aspect of AJW’s life.

The first thing that bloggers and Amy Page makers need to do in support of the AWF-USA is to make sure:

1. That both the UK and USA AWF websites are linked on all blogs and Amy Page entries.





To date, the majority of traffic to the UK website has been from the USA. Yet, the site has barely three-dozen Alexa-recorded “links in” from credible and authority sites. While the likkle AANPN gang is very pleased to have contributed some of those links, the low overall count is not acceptable and must not be allowed to stand. Bloggers and pagemakers are in the best position to help remedy the problem. Now, today, is the time to act aggressively in the battle to substantially increase the AWF’s link count.

(NOTE: 48-hours following the posting of this entry, Alexa released a new audit that revealed approximately 400 “linking in” sites had been recorded. That new count is excellent and must continue to increase.)

2. That all future AJW/AWF-relevant entries to blogs and freestanding pages contain the TAGS “amy winehouse foundation” AND “charitable foundation.”

Until the AWF begins to earn its fair share of returns for the search term “charitable foundation,” the organization cannot reach its full potential. Your placement of the “charitable foundation” tag on your blog/page entries will help move us toward that goal.

All USA residents who love the JadeMermaid Princess are extremely proud that the AWF has landed on our shores. We are ready to help get the job done; anyone who doubts the American resolve in that regard should simply watch our actions in 2012 and beyond.

We enthusiastically welcome the Amy Winehouse Foundation to the USA. Thank you so much for coming!

New Page Series: Amy Winehouse Tribute Art Promos

As part of the AANPN growth scheme, a new series of pages will be devoted to original tribute art depicting images of Amy Jade Winehouse. The venue for the pages is currently undetermined, but will be one of the expansion sites and will be selected soon. The series will be widely promoted. If you are an artist creating respectful AJW art, your work can be included in the new series.

The page series is not a “talent contest” and all submissions of serious and respectful art – amateur and professional – will be included in the serial page set. There will be no written critiques of submissions; all art placed in the multi-volume series will be promoted equally. All art mediums are welcome.

If you have original art – created by you or your client – here is the submission protocol.

1. Submit a photo(s) of the art that you want displayed in the series.

2. Submit a full description of the art.

3. Include a brief bio of the artist.

4. Include any link(s) or contact info that you want included in the series.

5. Email to amysarmynow@yahoo.com.

Submissions that pledge a portion of sales proceeds as a timely contribution to the Amy Winehouse Foundation will be given placement preference in the series.

The page publisher will not take part in any sales transactions, so make sure that links to your sales venue and other contact info is included with your submission.

The purpose of the page series is to help expand interest in Amy Art, to assist artists in the promotion of their work, and to provide interesting content for AANPN readers. The first volume in the series will be published when an adequate number of submissions have been received; subsequent volumes will follow on the same basis.

Here are some of the new page brands that may be used in the series:


If you wanna play, let us hear from you.


AAN Page Network Primed To Expand

During 2012, the AAN Page Network will launch additional branded page sites. The new venues will present original content related to preserving the musical legend and promoting the philanthropic legacy of Amy Jade Winehouse.

As always, all original content featured on AANPN pages will be produced by unpaid volunteers and distributed at no cost for use by all Amy Page publishers. Skilled writers and other quality content producers will continue to be recruited to help assure that fans have a good supply of original and interesting material to enjoy.

Quotes From Hank:

“As the natural news cycle of AJW-centric stories winds down, I believe that the demand for additional original content will continue to expand. Our likkle crew hopes to help meet that demand.”

“All AANPN content will continue to promote the great work of the Amy Winehouse Foundation. We see the AWF as the backbone of the Amy Page Movement.”

“Aggregating readymade content was fun and easy for Amy Pages, while it lasted. Now, we must prepare for the next phase of our hobby.”

“Hopefully, we will find a good supply of talented writers and others that want to participate in our all volunteer efforts to help keep AJW a top-of-mind topic for a very long time.”

“Written content in each niche and genre will be rolled out. If it fits into our All Good Things Amy, All The Time motto, we want readers to have it.”

“We will continue to only use ‘free’ venues, as part of our serious effort to encourage new pagemakers to join the hobby. Obviously, we could have fancy pages built, but that would send the wrong message. We want to demonstrate that everybody can play in the Amy Page Movement, and that the only required investment is their time.”

“Every aspect of AJW’s life and times needs to be sensitively and positively explored and preserved in writing, if we are all to help meet the goal of keeping the JadeMermaid Princess alive forever in the hearts and minds of her fans and those who love her.”

“Our rodeo experience is substantial in managing the scale of projects. If we start to become overextended and lose the ability to do the job correctly, we will know it quickly and we will slow down. For now, it’s full speed ahead.”

“Since we have no need or desire to profit financially from any of our efforts, we have few restraints on the types of projects we can undertake. If, as some critics have alleged, we are ‘just propaganda hobbyists attempting to revise history,’ those critics may be very surprised by our ability to fight back. We don’t buy ink by the barrel, but we don’t need to.”

“At a time when our collective voices might have helped to alter the outcome of the AJW adventure, we feel that we shirked our obligations to someone who brought us great joy and we are not proud of those failures. We can’t change history, but we can make a meaningful contribution to ensuring that history gets the story right.”

“Folks participating in the Amy Page Movement are in the vanguard stages of building a great hobby that will be enjoyed by lots of folks during the coming decades. Our gang is thrilled to be able to make a small contribution to those building efforts.”

Readers can follow the growth of the AANPN at the linked page. As new venues go live, the likkle page will get bigger.


Everybody involved in the prospective expansion is very motivated to get the job done. Your participation in that effort is welcome, needed and appreciated.

Amy Winehouse SYTS Scholarship: Deadline Looms

On April 12, the window will close on a once in a lifetime opportunity for one lucky kid and their family. That day is the deadline for the filing of applications to receive the Amy Winehouse Foundation sponsored scholarship to attend the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London.

The scholarship is designed to allow a financially disadvantaged child to pursue his or her dreams of developing their natural talents in the area of drama, singing. and dance.

There is still time to submit a last minute application. If you are the parent of a “natural born star” – or know somebody who is – don’t sit on your hands; late applications cannot be accepted.

Full details about the scholarship and an application are at this link:


Amy Jade Winehouse

When AJW was 13-years old, she wrote an application letter to the headmistress, Sylvia Young. That letter was preserved and reads:

I want to go somewhere where I’m stretched right to my limits, and perhaps beyond to singing lessons without being told to shut up. But mostly I have this dream to be very famous. To work on stage. It’s my life long ambition. I want people to hear my voice and just forget their troubles for five minutes. I want to be remembered for being an actress, a singer, for sell out concerts, sell out West-end and Broadway shows, and for being just…me.

For the education of the history buffs: The stories of AJW having been “expelled” from Sylvia Young are far from strictly accurate; tho, they do make for a fun and cool legend. During a time when one of the most talented students ever to present at the school turned 16-years old and became convinced that she absolutely could not continue with life unless she had her nose pierced, Sylvia Young became convinced that AJW was ready to meet the challenges that would be posed by William Ashton at the National Youth Jazz Orchestra. It was decided that Ashton would take over the duties of mentoring and educating the “self-determined and semi-unruly” genius. AJW simply moved to another venue; she was not run off from SYTS with a stick.

Next week, a youngster, not so very different than AJW was when she first sought to matriculate at Sylvia Young, will take the first steps in a life-changing adventure. That child could be someone you know and love, if you can meet the looming application deadline.

The pride and joy that AJW would feel watching the auditions of the kids vying to be educated in her name would be enormous. The awarded child will be watched closely and encouraged by AJW fans. We all wish them Godspeed and hope that their early promise will be fully realized in future years.

Regarding my own promise: Each time I post the above Likkle Mermaid’s picture, I promise myself and others that “this time, it will not make me cry.” One of these days, I will keep my promise; maybe.