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AANPN Makes First Rev-Disbursement To Amy Winehouse Foundation

In accord with its published disbursement schedule linked below, AANPN has made its first annual distribution of page-generated revenues. The disbursement includes all of the tiny pennies earned through February 2013. As per our pledge, 100% of those funds have been transmitted to the Amy Winehouse Foundation USA.

Although the AANPN hobbyists are not about raising funds, we are still very pleased that our hobby pages raised a few dollars in their first year of service; all such funds were truly raised a tiny-penny at a time. The hobbyists are very grateful to the page viewers; without those visitors, the pages would earn no pennies. We are excited about the prospects of creating even better pages in 2013 and expanding the current fleet.

Most of the small revenues garnered come from ad-impressions that are determined by the gross number of views and clicks that a page generates. The formula to determine page revenues is complex and varies on each venue that AANPN publishes on. In some cases, way more than 100 page views are required to earn a tiny penny. In most cases, page traffic determines page ranking and the percentage of site-revenues received by each page.

Many of the subject pages have AMZN sales modules attached; small numbers of pennies are earned via the modules, but sales across the fleet have been negligible. Links to vendors supporting the AWF through the sale of merchandise are also incorporated in the pages, but there is no way to track the performance of those links and the AANPN does not earn any pennies from them. In 2013, we will be looking at better ways to encourage merch vendors to support the AWF in exchange for promotional links on our pages.

Because the AANPN gang is in the information delivery game, we spend virtually no time thinking about fundraising. Our mission is about raising awareness, not about raising funds. Most of our pages are published on venues that are not typically thought to be populated by Amyites; for that reason, we can judge that we have been successful in reaching readers that would have otherwise been unlikely to receive our message.

All of the AAN hobbyists are proud to be a miniature part in helping to preserve the legend and promote the philanthropic legacy of the JadeMermaid Princess. Raising a few dollars for doing something that we would gladly do for no money at all is a fun thing. We know that we are in the vanguard of a hobby that will continue to expand, and we are pleased to be able to create pages that can earn likkle residual revenues for the AWF for many years to come.

To learn more about how you can participate in the Amy Page Hobby and support the Amy Winehouse Foundation, read the AAN Disbursement Schedule entry and the many previous entries in the AAN blog. The AANPN helps promote all other respectful Amy Pages, and newcomers to the hobby are always welcome.

Thank you to all of our readers. We are honored by your continued interest in our pages and we appreciate your frequent visits.

The AAN Disbursement Schedule

The AANPN Website

The Jadeink Leafography

The Amy Winehouse Foundation Websites




Amy Jade Winehouse Tribute Art Featured On Zujava

The AANPN crew has published a new page to celebrate the extreme proliferation of tribute art that pays homage to Amy Jade Winehouse. The page will be frequently updated with new galleries that encourage fans to become more familiar with the artists that continue to provide terrific art for the enjoyment of all those who love AJW.


It is also hoped that new artists will study the galleries and learn the techniques used by their more experienced peers in memorializing images of AJW.

Artists – of all skill levels – wishing to have their work featured in updated galleries are welcome to participate. All uplifting and respectful submissions will be published. Submit pics to amysarmynow@yahoo.com.

Amy Jade Winehouse: One Year Later, Tears Not Dry

Anybody expecting a long dirge here today will be disappointed. I just don’t have it in me to express the pain with dark words. I am not at all burned out, just badly burned.

As we mark the one year anniversary of the day that the JadeMermaid Princess left us, the temptation to be overcome by paralyzing pain and sadness is powerful. Counseling the avoidance of such feelings is easy, abiding that counsel is hard.

In the past year, those who love AJW have made great progress in helping to assure that the true legend of her life and music will long survive, and that her philanthropic legacy will grow for many generations. Yet, I must admit, the only bright spot I can clearly ascertain in her absence is that she is now forever safe from the hurt of the words and deeds of others that lacked her sublime decency.

We will continue to abide AJW’s call to “live the dream,” and we will keep moving forward. The notion of tears drying on their own has been given the lie, but we are grown and we will get through this desperately hurtful and empty time.

It is easy to allow the crushing sadness to wipe away the great memories. At the end of the day, we must be less sad that the magnificent adventure has ended than we are glad that we had a chance to experience that adventure. It’s not easy, but it’s doable; it must be.

We will never be the same after feeling a part of her life and suffering at her departure. We will always be better for having received the message she delivered, and we will always lament the brevity of her time with us. Fate dealt the hand ordained and we will play it.

If AJW returned to our realm, her first word to you would be, “Alright?” We have a duty to always maintain strong minds and bodies, to assure that our resounding answer would be, “Alright!”

I often acknowledge that I am the luckiest human on the planet; my entire life has been charmed. As I count good fortune, I place my discovery of AJW’s music – and seeing her perform it – at the top of my chip stack. No artist ever delivered more joy, to me. Now, harsh and lasting grief is simply the price I must pay. I will handle it, and you will, too.

Please celebrate AJW’s life responsibly today and be ready for the September birthday anniversary fun that is being planned everywhere. Thanks!


For updates on Amy Winehouse Foundation activity in the USA, visit:


For an AANPN overview of the history of the AWF, visit:



AANPN Begins Rollout of New Amy Winehouse Foundation Promo Pages

Following the launch of the LikkleJade pages, the planned expansion of AANPN pages is on schedule. All additional branded page series will be deployed before the end of 2012.

The LikkleLetters pages are expected to go live in May. As part of that series, AANPN is asking readers to begin submitting tribute “Letters To Amy.” Submitted letters will be presented in multiple volumes as their quantity increases.

Letter writers requesting the same will receive a byline and a backlink to their relevant online pages attached to their published submissions. Letters signed with “pen names” are welcome; writers may use their real name or a pseudonym. Multiple letters from one writer are welcome. Letters may be edited for clarity. Generally, letters should be twixt 300 and 500 words, but exceptional letters that are longer will also be published. All letters should be respectful in tone and content.

At the option of the writer, letter topics might include:

* Recollections about AJW, her music, her concerts, her life;

* Details of what AJW has meant to the writer;

* Details of how the writer is currently feeling about AJW;

* The writer’s hopes and wishes for the future of the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

In short, writers may pen letters on any subject that they would if AJW was available to read them. It is hoped that this likkle experiment in letter writing will have a cathartic effect on letter writers. It will also allow readers to better understand that they are not alone in their strong feelings about AJW. And, it may even help educate some non-Amyites about the importance that AJW fans place on their feelings for the JadeMermaid Princess.

Letters should be submitted as “copy and paste” content to amysarmynow@yahoo.com. No letters should be submitted as attachments. Please place the words “Amy Tribute Letters” on the email subject line. Include the name you want on your letter and, if desired, a backlink to your own page.

As time passes, one or more “coolest letters” contests may be announced. All letters published from the launch of the LikkleLetters series will be eligible for entry into any such future contests.


The branded expansion page menu is displayed here:


Very brief details about the expansion pages are displayed here:


The initial pages in the new LikkleJade series are displayed here:


Readers can help assure the acceptance and success of the expansion pages by clicking on the facebook, twitter, and google+ buttons displayed on all pages. Visits and clicks are used by the page venues to determine which pages might be moved to the frontpages of those venues. Such placement is very useful in exposing new audiences to the work of the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Readers wishing to have the greatest impact on page promotion can take an extra minute and register at the sundry publishing sites; registrants are able to leave “internal likes” on the pages, which are very helpful in securing higher page rankings. As always, your help is needed and appreciated.


Observers are now asking if the AANPN plans to launch:

* An online video channel.

* An online picture site that will aggregate and display properly credited pictures for use by Amy Pages and fans.

* An internet radio outlet that programs All Good Things Amy, All The Time.

The answer to all of the above is simple: If such projects can be accomplished in a totally not-for-profit mode, and will be beneficial to the promotion of the Amy Winehouse Foundation, the likkle AANPN gang will act to expand its focus prudently and appropriately.

Stay tuned, be patient and of good cheer. Good things are on the way.

New Page Series: Amy Winehouse Tribute Art Promos

As part of the AANPN growth scheme, a new series of pages will be devoted to original tribute art depicting images of Amy Jade Winehouse. The venue for the pages is currently undetermined, but will be one of the expansion sites and will be selected soon. The series will be widely promoted. If you are an artist creating respectful AJW art, your work can be included in the new series.

The page series is not a “talent contest” and all submissions of serious and respectful art – amateur and professional – will be included in the serial page set. There will be no written critiques of submissions; all art placed in the multi-volume series will be promoted equally. All art mediums are welcome.

If you have original art – created by you or your client – here is the submission protocol.

1. Submit a photo(s) of the art that you want displayed in the series.

2. Submit a full description of the art.

3. Include a brief bio of the artist.

4. Include any link(s) or contact info that you want included in the series.

5. Email to amysarmynow@yahoo.com.

Submissions that pledge a portion of sales proceeds as a timely contribution to the Amy Winehouse Foundation will be given placement preference in the series.

The page publisher will not take part in any sales transactions, so make sure that links to your sales venue and other contact info is included with your submission.

The purpose of the page series is to help expand interest in Amy Art, to assist artists in the promotion of their work, and to provide interesting content for AANPN readers. The first volume in the series will be published when an adequate number of submissions have been received; subsequent volumes will follow on the same basis.

Here are some of the new page brands that may be used in the series:


If you wanna play, let us hear from you.


AAN Page Network Primed To Expand

During 2012, the AAN Page Network will launch additional branded page sites. The new venues will present original content related to preserving the musical legend and promoting the philanthropic legacy of Amy Jade Winehouse.

As always, all original content featured on AANPN pages will be produced by unpaid volunteers and distributed at no cost for use by all Amy Page publishers. Skilled writers and other quality content producers will continue to be recruited to help assure that fans have a good supply of original and interesting material to enjoy.

Quotes From Hank:

“As the natural news cycle of AJW-centric stories winds down, I believe that the demand for additional original content will continue to expand. Our likkle crew hopes to help meet that demand.”

“All AANPN content will continue to promote the great work of the Amy Winehouse Foundation. We see the AWF as the backbone of the Amy Page Movement.”

“Aggregating readymade content was fun and easy for Amy Pages, while it lasted. Now, we must prepare for the next phase of our hobby.”

“Hopefully, we will find a good supply of talented writers and others that want to participate in our all volunteer efforts to help keep AJW a top-of-mind topic for a very long time.”

“Written content in each niche and genre will be rolled out. If it fits into our All Good Things Amy, All The Time motto, we want readers to have it.”

“We will continue to only use ‘free’ venues, as part of our serious effort to encourage new pagemakers to join the hobby. Obviously, we could have fancy pages built, but that would send the wrong message. We want to demonstrate that everybody can play in the Amy Page Movement, and that the only required investment is their time.”

“Every aspect of AJW’s life and times needs to be sensitively and positively explored and preserved in writing, if we are all to help meet the goal of keeping the JadeMermaid Princess alive forever in the hearts and minds of her fans and those who love her.”

“Our rodeo experience is substantial in managing the scale of projects. If we start to become overextended and lose the ability to do the job correctly, we will know it quickly and we will slow down. For now, it’s full speed ahead.”

“Since we have no need or desire to profit financially from any of our efforts, we have few restraints on the types of projects we can undertake. If, as some critics have alleged, we are ‘just propaganda hobbyists attempting to revise history,’ those critics may be very surprised by our ability to fight back. We don’t buy ink by the barrel, but we don’t need to.”

“At a time when our collective voices might have helped to alter the outcome of the AJW adventure, we feel that we shirked our obligations to someone who brought us great joy and we are not proud of those failures. We can’t change history, but we can make a meaningful contribution to ensuring that history gets the story right.”

“Folks participating in the Amy Page Movement are in the vanguard stages of building a great hobby that will be enjoyed by lots of folks during the coming decades. Our gang is thrilled to be able to make a small contribution to those building efforts.”

Readers can follow the growth of the AANPN at the linked page. As new venues go live, the likkle page will get bigger.


Everybody involved in the prospective expansion is very motivated to get the job done. Your participation in that effort is welcome, needed and appreciated.

Notes: State of the Amy Jade Winehouse Page Movement

A Transparency Note: As is sometimes the case, this brief summary has become a consensus entry. It was originally intended to be published in January, as a much larger and more detailed document. I wanted to be realistic and honest in the review, but I also wanted to avoid being either too optimistically positive or too cautiously negative. I wanted to cover lots of issues, but I didn’t want to bore readers with numbers and stats. I wanted to detail challenges, but I didn’t want to throw gasoline on them; to cast light, not heat. I didn’t want a Jerry Maguire document, just a constructive one that would be perceived as being offered in goodfaith.

Some yelling, lots of rewrites, major deletions, and last minute edits have led to this final draft. I believe it accurately – and in lay terms – briefly abstracts an overview of where the Amy Page Movement (APM) is today, and where the world of Amy Pages (APs) might be headed tomorrow.

The views of others will be different than my own; as you know, I’m OK with that. The views of my fellow volunteers and associates are important to me; if that was not the case, this would be a substantially “different” document. Hopefully, the subject matter is actually best addressed via a consensus derived summary.


The overall state of the APM is very strong. Following July 2011, the proliferation of APs in all social media has been explosive; many hundreds of pages have appeared. The APM shows that it has ample room for expansion; that circumstance should persist through 2013. Demand from fans for additional quality pages continues to grow. Concurrent with that demand, the APM has now entered its first period of admin attrition.

Admin Attrition:

It is natural, as time passes, that some admins will lose interest in their pages, or be otherwise made unable to continue their efforts. Some APs will simply be neglected and others will be abandoned or deleted. There should be no recriminations against the retiring admins. The players are all hobbyists and when a hobby is no longer fun, other interests should be pursued.

Trying to separate the task of content assembly and creation from the emotional feelings that most page admins have about the subject matter is likely neither possible nor desirable. Those feelings help produce the best pages, but deliver the most pain to the admins. While readers may meet the sadness of a few posts, page admins feel the pain of reviewing, rejecting, assembling, writing many such posts each day. Thus, being angry with an admin who simply cannot handle it anymore would be unfair.

I know how difficult it is to maintain even a moderately well-frequented page. Finding or creating good content is a tough task and, often, an emotionally draining and hurtful one. There is certainly some satisfaction in keeping a nice page but, on balance, it is largely a rather painful experience.

Because my involvement in the APM is relatively atypical, it affects me in some fairly harsh ways. I often tell myself that I am in the hobby “for AJW and the Amy Winehouse Foundation.” But, the truth is more likely that I participate solely for my own selfish reasons of trying to hold onto the “closeness” I always felt to AJW when she was here. That selfish payoff has some personal value, but regularly delivers more pain than I can easily discuss.

The admins are all “grown” and they can either handle the downsides or they can quit the hobby. The strong admins will stand firm without being begged to do so. I merely note those downsides because I want readers to understand the circumstances and to avoid viewing the dropouts harshly.

Page Adoption:

As admins retire, there will be substantial opportunities for newcomers to “adopt” the pages of the retirees. While the creation of new APs remains the optimal goal of the APM, it is worthwhile for prospective new admins to consider the option of simply adopting an existing page. Many retiring admins will likely be amenable to transferring their neglected or abandoned pages to competent and earnest beginners.

Newbies wanting to play in the hobby should consider looking for an AP they like – that appears to be inactive – and simply asking the current admin if he/she would allow their page to be adopted. The adoption scheme has some advantages. Such APs are ready to roll and require less work than a fresh startup page does, and they usually come with at least some existing readership and traffic.

Page Consolidation:

The urge for multiple pages to “consolidate” with each other is a bit tempting, but it will mean the collapse of the APM and must be avoided. The demand for additional high quality pages exists; consolidation does nothing to help meet that demand.

Consolidation lightens the workload for admins, but delivers no material gain in traffic; due to the huge number of readers who frequent multiple APs. For purposes of preserving the legend and promoting the philanthropic legacy, any consolidation is destructive. It is better for both fans and the APM to have many active pages with light traffic, than it is to have just a few pages with relatively heavy traffic.

Competent large pages serve a fine purpose, but they cannot and do not meet the demand for All Good Things Amy, All The Time, in the same way that the smaller pages can and do. In the distant future, some consolidation may well serve the APM; we are not yet near that future.


I am not hoarding any secret math, but most of it would only bore readers. I can report that the average page traffic:

* Is just a likkle older than most folks imagine it to be;

* Is mermaid dominant by a fair margin, but sailor interest is increasing;

* Is majority fluent-English speaking by a rapidly shrinking margin;

* Is usually fonder of videos and pictures than it is of written content;

* Is willing to view both properly aggregated and original written content;

* Is “shy to engage” – leave comments and content “likes” – on even the friendliest pages, by a huge margin;

* Is a movable audience that wants current/interesting info/views, and will search for the commodity with fast clicks across multiple pages and venues;

* Is willing to display loyalty to the multiple pages that best meet their needs;

* Is, by a very large majority, willing to visit and “like” multiple APs.

Competition and Cooperation:

It is undeniable, understandable and fortunate that competition exists and will continue to exist between APs. The spirit of reasonable competition results in better, more interesting, and stronger pages. But, currently, cooperation rates remain inadequate between page admins. There are some admins who see the APM as a cooperative hobby, but far too few.

Obviously, it is not desirable that all APs should be working on the same projects all of the time. However, it is desirable that all AP admins, when possible and reasonably practical, support and promote large polling/voting projects, event projects, and other worthwhile efforts that are brought forward by their fellow admins and readers.

The divide between APs published in English and those administered from non-English speaking countries is particularly large and is likely the greatest weakness of the APM. The circumstance has the potential to prevent dynamic page increases, cause a hike in admin-attrition rates, and shorten the natural lifespan of the APM.

An impediment to worldwide growth rates is the misguided notion of “ownership rights” to the AJW legend and legacy by any segment of her fans. When such claims are advanced by admins in any nation, they are disregarding the fact that AJW invested thousands of hours – and big money – building an international fanbase. Without doubt her primary motives for the build were economic, but she likely also envisioned at least some sense of unity between global fans.

Claims by any nation’s citizens of an absolute proprietary interest in what AJW created are unfounded and serve only to weaken the APM, shrink the fanbase, and unravel the worldwide work she accomplished. In life, AJW “belonged” to the entire world; that the ages have her now, does not change that fact.

Folks who doubt the value of the international concept should chat-up some record execs and concert promoters, to better understand its importance. Cooperation – in all worthwhile projects – between page admins in all nations must increase substantially, if the APM wants to best benefit from and help preserve what AJW built.

Page admins from all nations should be made to feel welcome, and should be supported and promoted. Readers should be made to feel welcome on all APs, regardless of what their primary language is. If any human speaks Amyish, their other lingos are irrelevant; they are Amyites, they are us, we are one in our love for AJW.


Nota: para Administradores de habla hispana y lectores.

Lo mismo se advierte en contra de las nociones nacionalistas se aplica igualmente a los administradores en los terceros países de habla inglesa. Se sirve bien a sus intereses para asegurarse de que los lectores de habla inglesa son bienvenidos en los puntos de acceso.

Administradores de página en todas las naciones deben hacer sentir bienvenidos, y deben ser apoyados y promovidos. Los lectores deben hacer sentir bienvenidos a todos los puntos de acceso, independientemente de cuál sea su lengua materna es. Si cualquier ser humano habla Amyish, sus Lingos otros son irrelevantes, sino que son Amyites, ellos son nosotros, somos uno en nuestro amor por AJW.


For some admins, the use of the “sister page” concept is worth considering, to help increase cooperation between APs in diverse countries. Such cooperation does not preclude vigorous competition to produce quality pages, but allows admins to work together on projects that benefit their mutual goals of maintaining and expanding interest in AJW and the AWF.

The cooperation deficit is not only evident among smaller pages. The large pages also need to step-up their support and promotion of projects that are brought forward by the grassroots AP admins and others. Such support and promo is particularly important in the areas of sundry polls and small events.

Any consideration of an “AP Association” to offer support and guidance to the APM should be quickly rejected. While the concept is likely offered in goodfaith, it would be a de facto consolidation, would splinter the APM and, ultimately, lead to fewer and weaker pages. Strong independent pages are the future of the APM and they will be created by determined individuals; not by a collective aparat.

Page Content:

Page content is king and every admin has to make their own decision as to what kind of content will best appeal to their known and hoped for audience.

Skilled content aggregators have been at an advantage during the past eight months. That advantage is very rapidly vanishing; interesting and legit news content is in an irreversible downtrend. Soon, relevant and worthwhile readymade news items will be much more difficult to find.

Tabloid and gossip/trash “news” will soon dominate the available supply of easy to aggregate stories. Admins who use such material do a disservice to their own pages and weaken the APM, but they have an absolute right to feature whatever content they choose.

While current numbers show that videos and pictures are very popular, there is both a theoretical and actual limit to the number of times an audience wants to see the same vids/pics. Additionally, growing copyright issues could easily derail the future use of large amounts of such content.

Original content – created by page admins, their associates and readers – will become much more critical in page operation. Analysis of present/past news and music and performances, editorial style issue examinations, and current/historical reviews will be in demand. By late 2012, the “fan fiction” genre is likely to see both quality and trashy content rolled out. Pages that make wise picks from a growing supply of original content will do well and attract visitors.

Niche pages that deal with very narrow and specific aspects of their subject will likely become small but important parts of the APM. The tight focus of such pages will enhance visitor experiences and will have a growth impact on the entire APM. The niche pages will have a relatively small audience, but they will find a constant and stable readership.

Hybrid and Commercial Pages:

While most APs are nonprofit by design, it is likely that hybrid and commercial pages will begin to emerge. The hybrid pages will have components that benefit the Amy Winehouse Foundation, and will also generate revenues on their own behalf. There will also be purely commercial pages joining the mix. All appropriate and respectful pages can be sustaining forces for the APM.

New Pages:

New and worthwhile APs continue to arrive on the scene; there is room for many more. Fans that want to newly participate as publishers in the AP hobby will find some basic guidance herebelow.

* The easiest and fastest venue on which to launch a new AP is facebook. Simply click on the “create page” tab on your personal page and follow the simple instructions.

* Take a look at the Amy Jade Winehouse Page Directory. Exploring the listed pages – large and small – will help you decide what you want the style and feel of your page to be. You will also gain an understanding of what kind of content is most popular. The AJWPD – and other AAN pages – will help to promote all pages that are appropriate and respectful.


* Resist any desire to include the acronym “RIP” – or any other morose phrases – in the title of your page; there are more than enough nice pages with mournful tags. If you want your page to have long legs that will carry it deep into the future of AJW’s popularity, launch it with a positive and forward looking title.

* Decide what niche you want to participate in. Most existing APs are aggregators of general content and are not tightly focused. There is an unfilled need for pages that focus solely on ONE or TWO elements of AJW’s art and life.

* You will need some initial content to get started. The internet is full of great music videos, pictures, artwork, articles related to AJW. Choose content that you like, populate your page with it and the chances are good that your visitors will like it, too.

* Original content is the best draw for any new AP. If you can create such content – either with writing, music, artwork or videos – you will have an advantage in the game.

* If AJW is the heart of the APM, then the Amy Winehouse Foundation is its backbone. Make sure you “like” the AWF FB-page and adjust your “featured settings” to always display the AWF avatar on the “likes panel” of your page. Here are the easy how-to directions:





* Once your page is online, you will want to get some folks to “like” it. The easiest way to get some early “likes” is to “like” some of the pages listed in the AJWPD linked above. Many admins will leave a reciprocal “like” for your quality page.

* Make sure you also “like” the comments on other pages and leave relevant comments about the content on those pages. Such engagement will generate “likes” for your page and its contents.

* Start following the AJW fans on Twitter. Place a link to your AP on your Twitter profile. Send appropriate and sparing tweets informing folks about your page; be polite, don’t be a spammer. You will gain some followers and some of them will “like” your AP.

* If you post on forums, bulletin boards or blogs, place a link to your AP in your sigline on those venues.

* If you comment on youtube videos, leave a link to your AP along with your comments.

* If you are a blogger, write some Amy-related content and link it on your FB-page. Be sure to place links to your AP and your Twitter profile on your blog. This kind of multiangular crossfire is a very powerful tool to help boost traffic to all of your pages.

* If you start volume blogging, join Digg and Stumbleupon. Both are excellent spots to promote your blog entries and will help lead readers to your AP.

* Join Squidoo, Zujava, HubPages, Wizzley, Infobarrel, Seekyt and create an AJW-centric page to promote your facebook page and other APs that you like. The backlinks on such pages are a very valuable part of your promotion efforts. Post your eligible content on Lensroll, Lenslike, and SpicyPages.

* A free website can be easily built/hosted on Weebly. A simple page linking to all of your other pages will help build your AP traffic.

* Many experts think that fancy templates help attract readers. I find that “fancy” is irrelevant, unless you are already a superstar that needs to have a slick page to rival that of your peers. Plain pages with good content can perform well without the glitz and flash.

* Many experts think that you need a “landing page” that requires visitors to “like” your page before they are allowed to view it. I find that concept ridiculous, unless your name is already known to everybody on the planet. Your only landing page should be the wall of your AP.

* Keep the tone of your page upbeat and informative. Negative items turn readers off and will hurt traffic.

* Unless you want a gossip page, avoid aggregating sensational or tabloid trash on your page.

* Some engagement between yourself and your visitors is critical to making your page work well. Make sure to “like” readers’ comments and respond when appropriate.

* Unless your page is a “directory” of other pages OR a “museum page,” be sure that your settings allow visitors to make new posts of their own.

* If someone posts an inappropriate item, uses gratuitous profanity, insults your subject matter, is mean to your other posters, or bashes your page simply delete the offending content and block the poster. Don’t get into flame wars with trolls; your readers won’t understand such fights and they will flee your page. It is not possible to “win” an argument on the internet, but you can easily “lose” one by arguing with evil or demented folks.

* If you have opinions about subjects not related to the topic of your page, keep them to yourself. Half of your readers will agree with such opinions and the other half will abandon your page. All Good Things Amy, All The Time is the only appropriate moto for an AP.

* Build cooperative relationships with other page admins. They will help you promote your page and you will help them promote their page. Developing this synergy is probably the most effective way to get your AP in the mix and keep it there.

* Always be respectful of other admins’ pages. Do not be a spammer on those pages. Don’t use gratuitous profanity on other admins’ pages; some admins and their readers don’t like it.

* Facebook “likes” come and go. If you see a precipitous drop in your “like” count, examine your content and review your “insights” panel. If you cannot identify a problem, you are likely just experiencing the natural ebb/flow pattern of facebook popularity.

* Never beg folks to “like” your AP. Begging makes you look weak and will hurt your page. Present nice content and page “likes” will come.

* Never “like” your own posts. Doing so is redundant and makes you appear weak and, worst case, not very bright. If you did not like the post, you would not have posted it.

* Remember, while it is fun to see your “like” counts rise, it is better to have 100 dedicated/consistent readers than it is to have hundreds of “likes” from folks who seldom visit your page.

* Be patient. Throw out your notions of “build it and they will come.” Your content and your promotion efforts will determine your traffic. Experiment until you find the right content mix and your well run AP will slowly and steadily grow.

* Most Importantly: Have fun helping to preserve the legend and promote the philanthropic legacy. If the hobby stops being fun, let someone else adopt your page.



AJW fans do not need to worry. There is plenty of news and content on the horizon to last a very long time. There will be lots of folks ready to pick up the slack when the current admin crews grow weary. Our hobby should be going strong for as long as we want it to.

A lot of folks wanna know how long the APM can be kept alive. I dunno the absolute answer, but I do know that when I google the phrase “Anastasia Romanov Dynasty,” I get more than 640,000 returns. Many such entries sing the modern loyalists’ loud praises of their royal lady.

I suspect that the APM players and their future recruits and successors will be able to keep our JadeMermaid Princess close to front and center for at least as long as the Russian’s have been able to do it for their gal. You better start preparing to get your grandkids up to speed on the legend and legacy of Amy Jade Winehouse; there will be a great hobby waiting for them.