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Use Page Publishing Venues to Promote and Support Amy Winehouse Foundation

The following page publishing venues are ideal platforms from which individuals can easily promote and support the Amy Winehouse Foundation. There is no charge to use the venues and you will be paid a share of any revenues generated by your pages; you can then transmit such monies to the AWF.

Squidoo; Zujava; HubPages; InfoBarrel; Wizzley; Snipsly; Seekyt; Wikinut; RedGage; Weebly.

Pages are very easy to build; no advanced computer knowledge is required. If you know how to play on facebook or twitter, you will have no problem making a nice page.


An AAN Transparency Note:

All AAN pages – whether there is one or 100 – will always remain not for profit and will be operated as a hobby, by unpaid volunteers. All AAN pages are promotional and informational vehicles only. No AAN pages are designed for fundraising purposes.

The AAN aparat supports the hopes, goals and wishes of the Amy Winehouse Foundation, and has no fiduciary relationship with the AWF,  and never acts – nor claims to act – for or on behalf of the AWF.

AAN pages will never solicit or collect funds on behalf of the AWF, but will encourage and help to enable readers to make direct donations to the AWF, via the AWF website or through other official AWF venues.

AAN pages that are published on venues with commercial components will be operated in one of the following ways:

1. Publishing venues upon which the AWF has been deemed an approved charity, will transmit 100% of any revenues generated by AAN pages directly to the AWF.

2. Publishing venues upon which the AWF has not been deemed an approved charity, but which venues have their own internally administered omnibus charity fund, will retain 100% of any revenues generated by AAN pages. The AAN aparat will, at least once annually, transmit an amount equal to the amount thusly retained, directly to the AWF.

3. Publishing venues upon which there is no official charity component, will, in the ordinary course of their business, either disburse to or hold in reserve for the AAN aparat, 100% of any revenues generated by AAN pages. The AAN aparat will, at least once annually, transmit an amount equal to the amount thusly disbursed or reserved, directly to the AWF.

Currently, based on:

1. The number of AAN pages with commercial components; and,

2. The past revenue generation of existing AAN pages,

it is not anticipated that revenues derived from the subject commercial components will, in the foreseeable future, be substantial. That circumstance could change in the event that the number of AAN pages was increased, and/or if other publishing venues were employed. In no event will the AAN aparat ever hold an amount of page generated revenues that exceeds, in the aggregate, $500.00 US. If said amount is reached, it will be immediately transmitted to the AWF, notwithstanding the previously noted annual transmittal pledge.

To learn more about the AWF, or to make a donation to the AWF, click the link:



If you are looking for a way to build a fun internet page that has the potential to raise some tiny pennies for the AWF, please consider building a likkle page on one or more of the above referenced venues. Such pages do not have to be AJW/AWF centric. Pages in any category and about any subject can be built. Simply place a promotional link to the AWF website on the page, and pledge any page revenues to the Amy Winehouse Foundation. When such revenues are received by you, simply transmit them to the AWF.

Don’t be shy. Jump in the mix. You’ll have fun and you can help with the important task of building awareness about the Amy Winehouse Foundation.


zujava: A New Page Publishing Platform

A new online platform from which you can help build awareness about the Amy Winehouse Foundation has now gone live. Registration is fast and easy.


Still in BETA, the platform can be expected to have a few bugs, but I was able to publish this sample page fairly quickly and with a minimum of “learning curve” blues. The building blocks are simple; after the first page, you should be able to go into high-production mode.

Sample Page:


The Likkle Page Fleet:


The site has a “money making” component and any earnings can be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, or retained by the page owner. Backlinks to your pages on other platforms can also be included in your zujava pages.

It is always good to find a new place to help promote the AWF. Take a look at zujava, if you want to painlessly help spread the word about the foundation’s great work.


Make An Easy Contribution To The Amy Winehouse Foundation

As most of you know, the AWF has been established in Amy’s memory to support charitable activities in both the UK and abroad that provide help, support or care for young people; especially those who are in need by reason of ill health, disability, financial disadvantage or addiction.

The lifeblood of the AWF is public awareness. Now, you can easily help boost that awareness AND earn some “likkle” financial contributions to help build Amy’s philanthropic legacy.

If you have ONE HOUR to contribute to the AWF’s important work, simply follow the instructions below:

1. Join Squidoo:


On Squidoo, the pages you create are called “lenses.”

2. When registering, you will be asked how you want to be paid for ad-revenues generated by your lens. Until the AWF can be listed as one of the charities on the Squidoo menu, just have your mini-monies sent to your PayPal account. When the pennies start to add up, simply make your direct contribution to the AWF.

NOTE: Be sure to use the same email addy to register on Squidoo that you use at PayPal. This enables the seamless payment of ad-revs to your account.

3. Follow the “lens building” screens and create a simple lens that features your positive thoughts about AJW and the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Your own original content is best – poetry, songs, pictures, art, stories, articles – but you can also thoroughly rewrite other material and post it in your lens.

You don’t need special writing skills to build a good lens. Just write what you think, feel, believe; folks will find it and read it.

Here is a sample lens that I put together – using existing content – in 37-minutes. You can likely build one a lot faster than I did. They are MUCH easier to build than a facebook page.


4. The lenses are simple to build, using the “modules” provided. After your first lens, you should have the process down and be able to quickly make more lenses about other subjects if you want to. Lens building is sort of addictive, so pace yourself.

Your “Amy Lens” can be updated just like you would update a blog; simply add a new text module and enter your new content. Frequent updates will keep both Squidoo’s indexing scheme and the search engines interested in your lens.

Some Squidoo Modules You Need To Use In Your Lens:

A: The Introduction Module: This one is required so that google and the other search engines can find and index your lens. In the sample above, this module is labeled “The Mission.”

B: The Text Module: This is where you write or paste the body copy of your lens. It includes a title box that tells folks what your story is about.

C: The Amazon Module: This box allows you to place a direct order ink to Lioness: Hidden Treasures. If someone uses the link to place their order, AMZN will pay some pennies directly into your account.

D: The All Links Module: Here, you can place links to the AWF site, the AWF facebook wall, your own or others’ blogs and facebook pages, and any other relevant links. In the sample lens, the module is labeled “Useful Amy Page Links.”

I Told You It Was Simple, You Know I Told The Truth.

You will want to use “tags” on your lens. This helps Squidoo readers and the search engines find the lens. The tags used in the sample above are labeled “Related Tags.” You can use any relevant tags that you think a searcher might use.

You should make your titles and copy “keyword rich.” This means you want to use words that searchers might use. Amy Jade Winehouse, Amy Winehouse Foundation, Lioness: Hidden Treasures, are examples of keywords that are useful for our current purposes; you may think of many others — use them.

If it looks like there are “too many” ads on the sample lens, that is a good thing. Demos are tracked and the ads on your lens will, eventually, be ideally suited to your average readers. The more ads on your lens, the more cash you will have a chance to earn for the AWF.

If English is not your first language, you can build a lens in your own language but you will get many more readers – and link clickers – if you run your copy through a translator tool and convert it to English before you publish your lens.

NOTE ON CLICK ADS: Never click the ads on your own lens. NOT even to test if they are working; they all work fine. If you are seen clicking the ads on your lens, your account will likely be cancelled and you will be out of the game.

As noted above, “building awareness” about the AWF is Job One. Each time somebody discovers your lens, an AWF “impression” will be created in their mind. We are on an “impression collecting” mission and we want to get as many as we possibly can. As top-of-mind awareness increases, donations to the AWF will increase, too.

The placement of outbound AWF links in your lens is also an important element of this project. Such links make it easy for readers to explore the AWF pages and may help advantage the AWF pages in search-engine indexing.

While the ad-revenues from our individual lenses will not make the AWF rich, collectively our lenses might raise a fair bit of cash each year. At the AWF, every “tiny penny” counts and every contribution is important.

If just 50 folks would volunteer to help promote the Amy Winehouse Foundation via a Squidoo lens, we would be well on our way to creating a significant addition to the large and growing “Amy Page Movement.”


To help encourage folks to create 50 lenses quickly, Amy’s Army Now will start a new contest. The makers of the TOP THREE lenses – out of the first 50 lenses – will each be awarded a factory-sealed copy of Lioness: Hidden Treasures. Yours Truly will choose the TOP THREE lenses. If we cannot make it to 50 qualifying lenses by December 31, 2011, there will be no contest and no awards.

When you publish your lens, place a link on the Amy’s Army Now facebook Wall.


All adequate lenses will be listed in the AJW Page Directory on facebook.


If you have just ONE HOUR to invest in service to the JadeMermaid Princess, this is your opportunity to help build awareness about the AWF and help them raise a few extra bucks. And, you might win a factory-sealed copy of Lioness: Hidden Treasures.

Thanks for reading; now, go build Amy a new lens.