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Amy Winehouse Foundation Juggernaut Lands in USA

On April 11, Mitch and Janis were on hand in NYC to establish a USA presence for the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Americans are excited!

As part of the USA launch, the AWF granted $10K to the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, which works to preserve and restore music education for young folks. Unknown to most readers, AJW worked tirelessly to support and fund efforts to reopen music education departments in USA public schools; many such programs have been shutdown due to severe financial constraints. I guess the tabloids “forgot” to report that aspect of AJW’s life.

The first thing that bloggers and Amy Page makers need to do in support of the AWF-USA is to make sure:

1. That both the UK and USA AWF websites are linked on all blogs and Amy Page entries.





To date, the majority of traffic to the UK website has been from the USA. Yet, the site has barely three-dozen Alexa-recorded “links in” from credible and authority sites. While the likkle AANPN gang is very pleased to have contributed some of those links, the low overall count is not acceptable and must not be allowed to stand. Bloggers and pagemakers are in the best position to help remedy the problem. Now, today, is the time to act aggressively in the battle to substantially increase the AWF’s link count.

(NOTE: 48-hours following the posting of this entry, Alexa released a new audit that revealed approximately 400 “linking in” sites had been recorded. That new count is excellent and must continue to increase.)

2. That all future AJW/AWF-relevant entries to blogs and freestanding pages contain the TAGS “amy winehouse foundation” AND “charitable foundation.”

Until the AWF begins to earn its fair share of returns for the search term “charitable foundation,” the organization cannot reach its full potential. Your placement of the “charitable foundation” tag on your blog/page entries will help move us toward that goal.

All USA residents who love the JadeMermaid Princess are extremely proud that the AWF has landed on our shores. We are ready to help get the job done; anyone who doubts the American resolve in that regard should simply watch our actions in 2012 and beyond.

We enthusiastically welcome the Amy Winehouse Foundation to the USA. Thank you so much for coming!

Amy Winehouse SYTS Scholarship: Deadline Looms

On April 12, the window will close on a once in a lifetime opportunity for one lucky kid and their family. That day is the deadline for the filing of applications to receive the Amy Winehouse Foundation sponsored scholarship to attend the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London.

The scholarship is designed to allow a financially disadvantaged child to pursue his or her dreams of developing their natural talents in the area of drama, singing. and dance.

There is still time to submit a last minute application. If you are the parent of a “natural born star” – or know somebody who is – don’t sit on your hands; late applications cannot be accepted.

Full details about the scholarship and an application are at this link:


Amy Jade Winehouse

When AJW was 13-years old, she wrote an application letter to the headmistress, Sylvia Young. That letter was preserved and reads:

I want to go somewhere where I’m stretched right to my limits, and perhaps beyond to singing lessons without being told to shut up. But mostly I have this dream to be very famous. To work on stage. It’s my life long ambition. I want people to hear my voice and just forget their troubles for five minutes. I want to be remembered for being an actress, a singer, for sell out concerts, sell out West-end and Broadway shows, and for being just…me.

For the education of the history buffs: The stories of AJW having been “expelled” from Sylvia Young are far from strictly accurate; tho, they do make for a fun and cool legend. During a time when one of the most talented students ever to present at the school turned 16-years old and became convinced that she absolutely could not continue with life unless she had her nose pierced, Sylvia Young became convinced that AJW was ready to meet the challenges that would be posed by William Ashton at the National Youth Jazz Orchestra. It was decided that Ashton would take over the duties of mentoring and educating the “self-determined and semi-unruly” genius. AJW simply moved to another venue; she was not run off from SYTS with a stick.

Next week, a youngster, not so very different than AJW was when she first sought to matriculate at Sylvia Young, will take the first steps in a life-changing adventure. That child could be someone you know and love, if you can meet the looming application deadline.

The pride and joy that AJW would feel watching the auditions of the kids vying to be educated in her name would be enormous. The awarded child will be watched closely and encouraged by AJW fans. We all wish them Godspeed and hope that their early promise will be fully realized in future years.

Regarding my own promise: Each time I post the above Likkle Mermaid’s picture, I promise myself and others that “this time, it will not make me cry.” One of these days, I will keep my promise; maybe.

Use Page Publishing Venues to Promote and Support Amy Winehouse Foundation

The following page publishing venues are ideal platforms from which individuals can easily promote and support the Amy Winehouse Foundation. There is no charge to use the venues and you will be paid a share of any revenues generated by your pages; you can then transmit such monies to the AWF.

Squidoo; Zujava; HubPages; InfoBarrel; Wizzley; Snipsly; Seekyt; Wikinut; RedGage; Weebly.

Pages are very easy to build; no advanced computer knowledge is required. If you know how to play on facebook or twitter, you will have no problem making a nice page.


An AAN Transparency Note:

All AAN pages – whether there is one or 100 – will always remain not for profit and will be operated as a hobby, by unpaid volunteers. All AAN pages are promotional and informational vehicles only. No AAN pages are designed for fundraising purposes.

The AAN aparat supports the hopes, goals and wishes of the Amy Winehouse Foundation, and has no fiduciary relationship with the AWF,  and never acts – nor claims to act – for or on behalf of the AWF.

AAN pages will never solicit or collect funds on behalf of the AWF, but will encourage and help to enable readers to make direct donations to the AWF, via the AWF website or through other official AWF venues.

AAN pages that are published on venues with commercial components will be operated in one of the following ways:

1. Publishing venues upon which the AWF has been deemed an approved charity, will transmit 100% of any revenues generated by AAN pages directly to the AWF.

2. Publishing venues upon which the AWF has not been deemed an approved charity, but which venues have their own internally administered omnibus charity fund, will retain 100% of any revenues generated by AAN pages. The AAN aparat will, at least once annually, transmit an amount equal to the amount thusly retained, directly to the AWF.

3. Publishing venues upon which there is no official charity component, will, in the ordinary course of their business, either disburse to or hold in reserve for the AAN aparat, 100% of any revenues generated by AAN pages. The AAN aparat will, at least once annually, transmit an amount equal to the amount thusly disbursed or reserved, directly to the AWF.

Currently, based on:

1. The number of AAN pages with commercial components; and,

2. The past revenue generation of existing AAN pages,

it is not anticipated that revenues derived from the subject commercial components will, in the foreseeable future, be substantial. That circumstance could change in the event that the number of AAN pages was increased, and/or if other publishing venues were employed. In no event will the AAN aparat ever hold an amount of page generated revenues that exceeds, in the aggregate, $500.00 US. If said amount is reached, it will be immediately transmitted to the AWF, notwithstanding the previously noted annual transmittal pledge.

To learn more about the AWF, or to make a donation to the AWF, click the link:



If you are looking for a way to build a fun internet page that has the potential to raise some tiny pennies for the AWF, please consider building a likkle page on one or more of the above referenced venues. Such pages do not have to be AJW/AWF centric. Pages in any category and about any subject can be built. Simply place a promotional link to the AWF website on the page, and pledge any page revenues to the Amy Winehouse Foundation. When such revenues are received by you, simply transmit them to the AWF.

Don’t be shy. Jump in the mix. You’ll have fun and you can help with the important task of building awareness about the Amy Winehouse Foundation.


Job One: Help Build Awareness | Amy Winehouse Foundation


The likkle AAN gang is pleased with the number of nice AWF promos we have recently garnered from third-party sources. But, we are all suffering from a slight case of We Can Do More and We Can Do It Better Syndrome. Modern life and laziness are both enemies of greater and more energetic efforts. The tiny AAN crew has all promised, once again, to devote more time to our Amy-Page hobby and less time to the stuff we don’t really want to do.

Sometimes, trying to build awareness about worthwhile causes and ideas seems as though it is futile. All efforts can appear to be never ceasing and without results. Often, observers think that what the pumpers do amounts to nothing, but while we often don’t do our work as well as we should, we have, over many years, learned a few things:

1. All pumping is cumulative and your efforts can remain invisible, until “critical mass” is achieved and your results seem to become visible “overnight.”

2. Some techniques fail and you must constantly experiment with new ones.

3. If you quit in the face of disappointing results, your chances of winning are reduced to less than zero.

4. Persistence does, indeed, breakdown resistance.

The AAN group is a very long way from reaching critical mass, but we are moving forward and making some progress. We will never quit pulling, pushing, and beehive-tugging the AJW/AWF train. And, we are among the most persistent creatures that have ever inhabited the planet.

Some recent promos that the AAN pumpers have picked up:







Note To Readers: You have a critical role in helping to assure that promo pages such as those above are widely distributed and seen by a large audience. Simply clicking on the facebook button, the twitter button, and the google+ button will help advance such pages in the search-engine rankings. Your clicks will also move the pages up in rank on their own sites, which can result in the promos being featured on the sites’ front pages. As you know, we are in the “impression collecting” game. The more simple impressions that we collect, the easier it will become for the AWF to succeed in its own promotional and fundraising efforts. Your help in this regard is needed and much appreciated.

Only our own reticence and “organic growth” strategy have kept AAN from connecting with more of the “influencers” that are eager to write about and promote subjects that may be interesting to their readers. We won’t be making any more mistakes in that regard.

Today, I asked my associates this question:

“If we were pumping a profit-making enterprise for ourselves, what techniques would we be employing to get the job done?”

I saw all of the “lightbulbs” go on in the room. We get it. If we are going to accomplish our mission, we simply must be much more aggressive, much less insular and parochial, and totally relentless in reaching out to new promotional resources. This tactical reinvigoration will not become visible to all in the short term, but it is now underway and we expect it to yield results in 2012.

Our still tearful mini-covey of typing-pumpers thanks all of our readers for their friendship. We promise not to rest until the day comes when a  google/yahoo/bing searcher types in the words “charitable foundation” and finds that the AWF is permanently in the page-one mix. We love and respect AJW and we are much honored to be an ultra-miniature part of helping to promote the construction of what we strongly believe will become her most important legacy, the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

To learn more about the AWF, please visit their lovely website:


To view the infrastructure of the AAN pages, visit this roadmap:


Visit the AANPN Website:



Amy Jade Winehouse: Quiet Generosity

When the general public contemplates Amy Jade Winehouse, they ordinarily think of her as a world famous artist, living an extravagant lifestyle; surrounded by wealth, security, paparazzi and controversy. Seldom does that public think about AJW in the context of what she always held as a top-tier tenet of her life: Giving back via generous support of sundry charitable causes.

AJW never stood on mountains and shouted, “Watch me be charitable.” She did most of her good deeds in the closet, as the maxim of all higher-powers dictates is proper. Tax deductions and public praise were never any element of her quiet generosity; she was compelled to help by the innate decency and compassion of her heart, mind and conscience.

History will be hard pressed to find honest philanthropy mavens who can testify that AJW ever said, “no, no, no,” when she was asked to be supportive of worthwhile charitable endeavors. She was known in many circles as a soft touch. “Ask Amy, she’ll do it,” was a common refrain inside of the charity community.

When breast cancer awareness needed a bump, AJW bared it all for the cause. When Nelson Madela’s 90th birthday charity-concert asked, AJW rose from a hospital bed to perform. When Caribbean groups needed help encouraging young musicians, AJW got it done. When hearing loss became an issue in developing countries, AJW’s cash could be heard loud and clear. When the Born HIV Free campaign needed a soundtrack for its award winning film, Baby In The Sky, AJW delivered Back To Black at no charge. When stalking paps discovered that AJW had repeatedly donated scores-of-thousands-of-dollars worth of designer clothes to thrift shops in poor neighborhoods, some in the media simply noted that she had “too many clothes, anyway.” When AJW encountered sick folks unable to pay for medical care, she picked up the tab and shunned any thanks for the kindness. When there was pain and a chance to heal it, need and a chance to meet it, AJW was the go-to woman. Yet, who knew?

AJW Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Some of the philanthropic causes that AJW quietly supported:

21st Century Leaders  –  Helps support the philanthropy of  Whatever It Takes, a charity artwork project that gathers art from leaders in all fields – royalty, film, music, Nobel Peace Prize laureates, sports, literature, theatre, media – and sells it to raise funds for nonprofits chosen by each contributing leader. Organizations supported include: Adopt-A-Minefield, Anti-Slavery International, Breast Cancer Campaign, CARE, Children of the Andes, Children’s Medical Research Institute, Christian Children’s Fund, City at Peace, Comic Relief, Dreams Can Be Foundation, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Greenpeace, Healthlink Worldwide, Heifer International, Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, Red Cross, LIFEbeat, LifeLine & Rape Crisis PMB, Opportunity International, Oxfam, ROTA, Rights and Humanity, S.A.F.E., Save the Children, Sharon Osborne Colon Cancer Program, Snoop Youth Football League, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Teenage Cancer Trust, The BRIT Trust, Christina Noble Children’s Foundation, Little Dreams Foundation, Lotus Outreach, Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, Toothfairy Foundation, Trade Plus Aid, UNHCR, UNICEF, WaterAid, World Neighbors.

Global Fund  –  Has committed more than $5.4 BILLION – in 150 countries – to fund the fight against AIDS, TB and malaria.

Hear The World  –  Is an initiative by hearing aid manufacturer Phonak that works to raise awareness about hearing loss and to promote good hearing around the globe. The goal of the organization is to educate the general public about the importance of hearing loss prevention, the social and emotional impacts of hearing loss in third-world countries, and the solutions available for persons suffering hearing loss.

BID 2 BEAT AIDS  –  Is an annual entertainment memorabilia auction, with proceeds going to LIFEbeat. Among the hundreds of items available for bid are signed photographs of stars, original art, costumes and props, signed CDs and memorabilia, and celebrity meet-and-greet opportunities at many exclusive events.

LIFEbeat  –  Is dedicated to reaching America’s youth with the message of HIV/AIDS prevention. The organization mobilizes the talents and resources of the music industry to raise awareness and to provide support to the AIDS community.

Save The Music Foundation  –  Works to help improve the availability and quality of music education in America’s public schools, by funding the restoration of music programs in cities across the country, and by raising awareness about the importance of musical training to our nation’s youth.

V-Day  –  Is a global movement to stop violence against women and girls. It promotes creative events to increase awareness, raise money and revitalize the spirit of existing anti-violence organizations. V-Day draws attention to the fight to stop violence against women and girls, including rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation, and sexual slavery.

The stories of AJW’s generosity to her friends in need – as well as to total strangers – are legion. Any mention of such kindness in her presence was likely to be met by her with “shadup,” or “intnuffin,” or “fugedaboutit.” The next time that those who know slight truth of AJW write a check to their fave charity, they should contemplate that charity never walks alone. And, perhaps, note that Amy Jade Winehouse had much more in common with each of them than they had ever imagined.

AJW does not need to be recalled as greater in the arms of the angels than she was when she walked with us. There is no movement to create Saint Amy in the public mind, but a tiny penny’s worth of recognition for her unheralded and never promoted giving nature is warranted. Those of us who love her and think of her as the JadeMermaid Princess do so not only because of her great artistic achievements, but also because she was graced with the “generosity and decency genes.” She made us all strive to be better and more compassionate humans.

Now, in her absence, many are engaged in efforts to continue the construction of what is destined to become AJW’s most important legacy: The Amy Winehouse Foundation. Those of us who work from the sidelines to cheer and encourage that organization, respectfully request that celebrities who worked with AJW on behalf of their own favorite charities, now step forward and lend their public support to the AWF.

Some high-profile celebs have already been extremely generous with their names and resources in support of the AWF, and many more are needed to help build awareness about the foundation’s great work. If you know any celebs who might want to help the AWF grow, please don’t be too shy to chat them up about the opportunity. If you are a celeb, large or likkle, please step up. AJW would say, “Fanks!”

Here is a link to the AWF website:


Celebrity or fan, please visit, learn and step up.


Banner Changes Coming To AAN Facebook Pages

With the new format of all facebook pages fast approaching, AAN’s prefered page banners will be replaced. On or before April 1, 2012, new interim banners will be uploaded onto the reformatted pages; these banners may or may not be subsequently updated.

The Interim Banners:

Amy’s Army Now Facebook Page

Amy Jade Winehouse Page Directory Facebook Page

Dionne Bromfield Page Directory Facebook Page

It is not clear that in the new format the directory pages will have the same utility that they currently have. If it becomes necessary, the directories will be moved to another site; possibly to WordPress, possibly to our own server. Such a move would allow for the directories to be alphabetized and would provide potentially more valuable backlinks to the listed pages.

While we very much regret that any format changes are being implemented, there is, obviously, nothing we can do about it. Such is life.

Belgrade: Final Notes

This brief entry is the kind that I really hate to pen. I will speak of these things now – from perceived necessity – and not chat of them again. In the future, when the subject comes up and a response is deemed appropriate, I will simply provide a link to this entry.

The tragedy of Belgrade continues to be used by the bashers and their disease-chauvinist allies, in ongoing attempts to discredit Amy Jade Winehouse, cast shame and embarrassment upon her memory, and diminish the fabulous recall that those of us who love her will always retain. The primary weapons of the trashers are, of course, the despicable and scandalous videos of AJW’s final public concert on June 18, 2011, in Kalemegdan, Belgrade, Serbia.

Like all AJW-bashing vids, the Belgrade films tell us nothing at all about her character, but well serve to reveal the lack of character possessed by their exploiters. There will be no vid links in this entry; the ghouls and the haters can find their own. A simple picture of horror, displayed on the wholly innocent and terrified face of a decent and broken human will justly suffice to illustrate tragedy and distribute guilt, without satisfying the subhuman bloodlust of the hateful.

On that dark night, barely a month before the JadeMermaid Princess made her final exit, humanity took a vacation and savagery took the eve. A terminally ill SuperStar took the stage, and the decency of thousands of ordinary folks vanished; replaced by outrageous conduct, shameful inaction, unparalleled greed and pure evil.

What happened on that awful night?

* As AJW’s inability to perform quickly became obvious, a de facto “kidnapping and hostage holding” incident unfolded.

* A cruel, backward, ignorant and disgusting mob of audience miscreants booed, screamed curses, and attempted to throw objects onto the stage.

* A group of trusted friends and close associates failed to summon the modicum of moral courage that would have been required to rescue their loyal friend.

* A gang of greed-directed shotcallers became determined that “50-minutes or more” was to be the ORDER of the night.

* A story of modern-day slavery – perpetrated by above-the-law gangsters in Savile Row suits – was revealed.

* An orchestrated attempt – directed from the heights of power – was immediately launched to prevent the wide distribution of video records documenting the sordid affair.

In some USA jurisdictions, the events of that horrible night could have resulted in the criminal prosecution of some of the participants. In many USA venues, successful civil litigation against those actors would have been a slamdunk. Yet, in the instant circumstance, all that was delivered was a tragic outcome, with no justice for the victim.

That the corruption-based campaign to conceal the video record of the outrage failed, yielded two results:

1) Haters got a useless – though irritating – bashing tool;

2) Good folks got a perfect record of the civil and moral crimes that went down.

The “coverup” campaign was never about preventing the artist from being shamed and embarrassed; it was designed solely to conceal the bad acts that were committed on behalf of the powerplayers.

While I despise the videos and rarely view them, it is appropriate that they survived. Let everybody look at them. Let the decent folks dissect them – a la Zapruder – to see exactly what a de facto “kidnapping and hostage holding” really looks like. It’s an ugly picture, but it happened and the vids assign blame where it belongs.

AJW was no stranger to “playing hurt.” Every athlete and performer is always ready to play. Yet, an ill or injured human is the least qualified to determine their own readiness. For that reason, there are strict rules and protocols in the sports world to help prevent disaster; similar schemes should be mandated to help protect our non-sports entertainers.

Since the “industry” refuses to act responsibly in these matters, the respective government regulators should now intervene. The delay of such intervention will yield only more tragedy, more heartbreak, and more dead songbirds.

Prospective regulations might mandate, among other things, that:

* “Properties” arriving at a venue via ambulance, cannot be allowed to take the stage.

* “Properties” that cannot engage in a cogent pre-show chat with the promoter or his responsible agents, cannot be allowed to take the stage.

* “Properties” that are obviously impaired, cannot be allowed to take the stage.

* Strict civil and criminal liability shall attach to violations of the regs, and the same shall be applied jointly and severally to promoters, record companies and their agents, talent managers and agents.

* Strict civil and disciplinary liability shall attach to legal practitioners that negotiate or facilitate contracts on behalf of “properties” that they know or should know are incompetent to either lawfully enter into or perform upon such contracts. All such contracts shall be deemed avoidable by any principal party thereto, without penalty or recourse. Attorneys and solicitors that participate in the making of such unlawful contracts shall be liable for any and all damages arising from breaches proven to have been committed by their incompetent clients. (This provision will put the insurance gangs on notice that they better be very certain of the “mental and physical soundness” of the contracting parties being represented by their insured attorneys/solicitors.)

In the early days of this new scheme, all of the gangsters will lose some money; refunds will freely flow from the pockets of the unfeeling, into the hands of the disappointed. Such reverse commerce will not last long. The gangsters will quickly cease their exploitive and blind-eye routines, our precious artists will be protected, and fans will get the highest value of their ticketed contract.

Fans also have a decency-based obligation in such remedial efforts. As bodyguard Raymond Watson fervently requested from the funeral pulpit of Whitney Houston:

“Please stop ridiculing our entertainers for their personal troubles. We must love our entertainers and protect them and support them when they are in trouble. They devote their lives to bringing us joy. We owe them much more than the price of a ticket.”

Watson is a bold, brave, righteous man, and his words should be abided.

AJW had absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in her swansong appearance; she was simply abused as chatel by the forces of ignorance, cowardice, and evil that surrounded her. Reasonable people making good-faith contemplations can only conclude that the vile vids point the finger of shame correctly — away from Amy Jade Winehouse and toward those who betrayed her trust, confidence and love.

Our dear likkle princess rests now and no one can hurt her anymore. But, sundry other entertainers remain vulnerable. We collectively abandoned the moral imperative to defend and protect AJW, when it might have made a difference. We must now resolve to never again sacrifice our own humanity to the greatest servant of all things evil — our own silence.